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E3 2013 was exciting for many reasons, the new consoles were being fleshed out, sequels for long-dormant series were cropping up and even some new IPs and titles managed to leave us all feeling impressed and aching for more. One of the new titles announced that was quite possibly one of the most well-received, was Tom Clancy’s The Division coming to Xbox One.

The breath-taking visuals and excessively impressive features shown off for the game left everyone excited and dying to learn more. However, it has been fairly quiet as of late and not a great deal has been spoken of The Division since the highly-successful reveal. We’re here to give you the run down on everything we know on the title and why you should still be excited for it despite the dormancy.

The premise of The Division is that the world has collapsed due to a man-made pandemic that has swept and devastated all in its wake. The Division is a group of self-supported tactical agents whom have lived regular lives only for their training to kick in upon the collapse of society and the world. These agents must work to try and keep society intact and to unravel the threads of conspiracy behind this virus and those who created and released it. The reveal at E3 paints a grim picture of the world and its state during the game in that it took merely days for society to crumble which means that the agents of The Division certainly have their work cut out for them.


As an agent of The Division, how exactly will you as a player go about this? Well, Ubisoft are calling the game an online, open-world, RPG. It will have an emphasis on player-progression and exploration of a persistent and dynamic environment. With it being a Tom Clancy title, there’s also going to be a push for authenticity and a focus on tactical decisions, trading and more.

Agents will also have access to state-of-the-art technology. Players will also be able to loot defeated enemies to craft new gear though what constitutes as gear is still very much unknown. A ‘smart watch’ will give you the ability to chat to other agents at any time and you’ll be able to customise your ‘go-bag’ which is something an agent is to have with them in the event of social downfall. You’ll also be able to customise some gear, including weapons. Just how in-depth this will be remains to be seen but it looks as if there’s certainly to be the intent of players creating their own unique experiences in this sense and cater to their own play styles. Combing this with a dynamic world could prove to be a huge hit with the players, but we’re yet to see this in motion properly.


Of course, being labelled an online, open-world RPG means that there will be other players inhabiting the environments with you. We saw in the E3 trailer that there’s certainly a co-op element to game as we witnessed a team of agents clear out an area to get access to the items inside. But Ubisoft are also claiming that there will be PVP. So not only will players be able to work together at any time to investigate and fight the threats that they come across, there’ll also be the chance to seamlessly engage other players. There’s also to be player-to-player trading and exciting multiplayer scenarios, of which we currently know next to nothing about but we can assume it’d be something similar to the scenario we saw in the reveal footage.


So that’s what we know for sure with the information compiled and at the time of writing this is all pretty solid information. There’s the ongoing collapse of society which you and fellow agents must work to deter, there’s various options and the ability to customise gear, weapons and there’s even loot, a big hitter in many online RPGs. Then there’s also the multiplayer, the co-op which was seen at the announce at E3 2013 but there’s additionally the player versus player of which there is very little information. The Division has been far too quiet for too long since it went down a hit when revealed, we’d be very surprised if we didn’t hear something on this very, very soon…


Did you see the reveal for Tom Clancy’s The Division at E3? What did you think? Are you as excited for this as we are? Please let us know with your comments. For all things Xbox, stick with us at XBLGamerhub.


Written by: Kenny

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