Valentines update for Gears of War 4


Today Gears or War 4 receives a new Valentines update, with two new maps to play, new gear packs to collect, game improvements and a week-long valentine’s event. Gears gets into this holiday spirit from the 10th February with Valentine themed bounties, a craft-able character and a cupid inspired Torque Bow Tag. 

The new maps, Impact Dark, is a remixed version of Impact, which changes the combat dynamic from the original, the second, War Machine, takes place in a COG settlement which is a modern twist of a map of the same name sake in previous Gears of War games. There are also improvements to the Guardian game mode. Spawns have been changed from swap spawn to a new leader spawn system, meaning you’ll spawn near your leader, giving you a tactical edge during battle. 

For more information on this update go to Xbox New Wire for there article on the full update found here.

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Written by: Damian Tack

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