Vikings Wolves of Midgard Teaser Trailer


Don your furs and grow your beards. The Vikings are coming to Xbox One. Viking Wolves of Midgard is a new title developed by Kalypso Media. Check out the RPG/dungeon crawler teaser trailer below:

From the trailer I am getting memories of Diablo 3 and Torchlight which are both fantastic examples of dungeon crawlers mixed with role playing game elements. Vikings Wolves of Midgard will stand out with its theme, with a revolving media around Vikings such as the popular Vikings series and popular literature, there is a probably a large fan base who want to play a Viking carving up norse mythology creatures. The player can play as either a Viking Warrior or Shieldmaiden but the customization of the character appears to be open whereas it is more fixed in other dungeon crawlers. It will be interesting to see if the combat is similar to Diablo or there are more technical hack and slash elements introduced.

Vikings will boast a co-operative mode too so the experience can be shared with a friend online. Players can choose between a mix of weapons from hammers, axes, swords, spells, shields, bows and spears as well as dual weapon fighting style. There will also be legendary weapons in the game to track down. Will you find Mjolnir, if so, are you worthy to lift the hammer of Thor?

Some of the mechanics are impressive too, characters will have to protect themselves against the mythic Fimbulwinter and protect themselves against freezing. Blood from your enemies can be offered to the gods to improve abilities and berserker age can be used to overcome a large host of enemies.  There is also a side feature where you can rebuild your village and upgrade buildings such as weaponry to access more weapons and upgrades. To add to its content, Vikings Wolves of Midgard offers a New Game + in case it was too easy first time round and you avoided Valhalla.


Vikings Wolves of Midgard will enter our realm on Xbox One in early 2017. One to keep an eye out for.  

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Written by: Michael Saiger

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