Xbox Live outage cripples launch of Titanfall


OK…… so you know the way that there is this game called Titanfall? Well, that is entirely dependent on the Xbox Live service and is Multi-player only. I say dependent because without the internet or a Gold Xbox Live Membership, you won’t be able to play the game.

I think that EVERYONE is aware that, yesterday, the game was released in North America. Yay! To those living in North America….. Just 2 more days for those living in the UK. That said, maybe the bitter taste in the UK/European/Australian mouths can increase further, since not only did the North Americans get Titanfall BEFORE everyone else……. Xbox Live went down!


I am not saying that the game release in North America was in any way associated with Live going down, but let’s face it…. even you would jump to that conclusion. In anticipation of the release, Microsoft pulled out all the stops, delivering new system updates, new peripherals and even a ‘fix’ to the Xbox One controller ahead of launch day. But, they didn’t anticipate this happening: 


Now, with any other game that has offline and online capabilities, this really wouldn’t be a huge problem. But, with a game like Titanfall this throws a HUGE spanner in the works. Like every major release, it is not unheard of to have some issues associated at launch; particularly online issues. Also, to put everyone’s minds at ease before war breaks out, Microsoft’s Major Nelson has claimed that the sign-in issue had nothing to do with Titanfall itself. So, it was one big coincidence then eh?


5 hours into the outage, the Official Xbox Support Twitter account has said that Xbox Live is good to go, and according to the Service Page… everything is ‘up and running’.

Source: The Verge



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  1. Ryan Holt 12th March 2014 | Reply

    Who cares about Titanfall, all those poor people couldn’t play Plants Vs Zombies 🙁

  2. Lorraine - LoveAndGrace 12th March 2014 | Reply

    hahaha indeed. I think it was since Titanfall is online only, then it caused some issues with the launch yesterday.

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