Xbox Wireless Ecosystem – Wireless Headsets

Xbox Wireless Ecosystem – Wireless Headsets
As important as the games we play are, they are nothing without the hardware we play on. This is why Microsoft understands, also why they are always pushing to make a better console. Of course it’s not just the console we use when we play. A big part of what makes the Xbox one so great in my eyes is Microsoft’s aim at the social side of the Xbox one. Making it easier to connect with gamer’s around the world. An aspect of this of course is the voice chat we come to expect when playing online with friends or other players in games.

Xbox are committed to making new ways for gamer’s to connect and last year they announced an expansion to the Xbox Wireless Ecosystem to include Windows 10 gaming PC’s integrated with Xbox wireless and promised to deliver a range of truly wireless accessories.

Xbox has partnered with ASUS Republic of Gaming to deliver the ASUS G703 V1 – an all-new gaming notebook with integrated Xbox Wireless.

But what does this mean for us console users? Well it means a few things. It means the best in class for wireless play and as always, new hardware for use as well as the PC to enjoy. Part of the partnership is three big names in headsets. These companies will be launching new headsets for us to enjoy, some releasing soon others later in the fall, but all in time for the holidays, so get those letters written to Santa folks.

First up from LucidSound;

LucidSound LS15X

The LS15x wireless in-ear gaming headset offers a new take on gaming headsets. Choosing to go for an in-ear design, the bulk of the headset it’s around the neck reducing discomfort due to clamping, reduce heat and is perfect for those gamers who wear glasses as these headphones don’t push on the ears. The headset connects wirelessly to the Xbox One and delivers high- fidelity and crystal clear game chat. It’s possible to use this headset for a full surround sound experience or a mono chat headset and the flexibility means you can use the ear buds or switch to built-in speaks to create a personal audio space leaving you free to interact with the outside world.

LucidSound LS35X

The LS35X wireless surround sound also offers crystal clear chat and superior sound and a more traditional style headset. This headset is designed with premium components with the iconic LucidSound aluminium frame, memory foam padding and custom audio drivers. With a detachable microphone, these headphones can easily be used as day to day headphones and with a built in mic, also means you can make calls using your phone. A true multi-purpose headset that connects to Xbox one wirelessly with intuitive volume access without hindering gaming.

Next from Turtle Beach;

Turtle Beach Stealth 600

Turtle Beach comes out swinging with its new wireless Stealth 600 headset. With superhuman hearing insuring you’re heard, sporting a sleek glasses friendly design. The mesh fabric-wrapped headband and ear-cushions offer a comfortable gaming experience while the powerful 50mm speakers deliver incredible surround sound game audio.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700

The Stealth 700 is the premium variant of the Stealth 600. Boasting leather wrapped headband and ear cushions, providing more comfort. The 50mm drivers offer a deeper base from the over-ear speakers. Active noise cancelling, Bluetooth connectivity offer great day to day usage while the new Turtle Beach audio hub app means you can customise the headset to your own liking. This headset is also sporting the iconic superhuman hearing and a sleek glasses friendly design.

The last head set coming to the wireless frontier is from Razer.

Razer Thresher Headset

Focusing on pure comfort, the leatherette headband and memory foam ear cushions offer a light weight headset that rests perfectly on the head. With quick control buttons built in, the Thresher offers perfect control over the lag-free in-game and game chat audio, even in the heat of battle.

For a more in-depth look into these products, visit Xbox News Wire.

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Written by: Damian Tack

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