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Xenon Racer – Release Date Announced

Futuristic arcade racer Xenon Racer will boost its way into stores on the 26th March 2019. Xenon Racer will also have a physical release along side the digital release. A brand new trailer released today showcases the tracks that make up the games locations. It also includes information on four new tracks

Genesis Alpha One – New Gameplay Trailer

Genesis Alpha One is the debut game by independant studio – Radiation Blue and video game veterans: Team 17. Genesis Alpha One features ‘Rouge-Like’ mechanics with a deep ship building/management gameplay, with added fast-paced first person shooter action, that places you in the position of a galactic pioneer. As the

8-Bit Invaders! – Coming Soon

8-Bit Invaders! – an RTS developed by Petrograph will be invading the Xbox One Marketplace and various retailer on 26th February. The object of the game is to build a base and then an army of sci-fi units to ultimately destroy the invading forces. There are two different forces that

Fimbul gets a console release

Prepare for battle, as Wild River and Zaxis games have announced that their Norse comic action-adventure game is coming to consoles on 28th February! Set during the Fimble Winter, this game tells a tale of an elder Berserker called Kveldulver who was killed during a raid on his village but

Giga Wrecker Alt coming to consoles in 2019

Rising star Games have just announced their partnership with renowned Japanese game developer Game Freak, best known for being the creators of Pokemon games. Together they are working on a console version of Giga Wrecker, which was first released on PC back in February 2017. “We are excited to be

New Screenshots released for World War Z

We first reported on Saber Interactive’s game based on the hit movie about a month ago, so click HERE for the full low-down on this crazy zombie hoard survival shooter. Now you have re-capped on the insanity that will be unleashed later in the year, enjoy the new screenshots that


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