A request to NetherRealm

Pulling back the curtain of Kayfabe for a moment here, folk. The person writing this op-ed tonight loves his fighting games. Some people love shit-talking opponents playing Call Of Duty, some like being Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2, but I love my fighting games. I love the Street Fighter franchise, Tekken is amazing, and I love the Dragon Ball series of games.

This clip art looks suprisingly like me right now!

Seriously, prior to the pandemic for which we’re all trying to survive, I loved kicking back with a tournament with friends. However, seeing as we’re all staying at home, I decided to revisit some gaming classics. I’ve picked up Injustice: Gods Among Us, and I’ve fallen in love with it. The graphics are great for the time (and don’t hold up badly on an Xbox One), the gameplay is sharp and tight, and the lore is superb.

So much so that I’ve encouraged one of my greatest loves (reading graphic novels) and purchased Injustice from Comicrazy, and used it as night-time reading. Tom Taylor’s world-building and lore is superb, and it’s no surprise that the novels are so good when the game is that good. I’d strongly recommend picking up a copy from your local comic shop. Anyway, back on with the op-ed…

Injustice Gods Among Us Graphic Novel Preview - YouTube
They’re not too thick, and yes, they’re available from Comicrazy in Paperback

I’ve really sunk my teeth (or perhaps that should be “strained my thumbs”) into both Injustice and Injustice 2. I’ve become more hooked to these games and the lore behind them than I have to coffee (and that’s saying something). However, I threw how much I loved them out onto my social media, and it appears that whilst they are both very good games, nobody’s playing them right now.

Injustice 2 PC Gameplay - YouTube
Anyone fancy a rematch?

Actually, that’s bullshit, as the servers are up and teenagers still kick my arse online, but nobody I personally know plays them anymore. It’s a damned shame, because these games are both really something. Okay, Injustice 2‘s lootbox system leaves a lot to be desired, and we still want Martian Manhunter back, but it’s brilliant.

Now, Nether Realm Studios, I turn to you. You’ve created some brilliant games in your history. From giving the world Mortal Kombat, to the games I’ve just waxed lyrical about. You’re brilliant at creating fighting games with a bunch of lore, and keeping us entertained. I know there’s been controversies with games development, but could you satisfy this nerd during 2021? Could you keep me excited and let us know if a new Injustice game is coming out? Other than the Robert Pattison Batman film and the Snyder cut coming out, this would make me the happiest comic and gaming nerd in Scotland.

Yours ever so sincerely,

David Armitage, lifelong comic reader who’s been playing Mortal Kombat games since 2002.

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