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E3 2017 – Call of Duty WWII Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

E3 2017 – Call of Duty WWII Multiplayer Reveal Trailer
I feel Activision and Sledgehammer Games are feeling the pressure of returning to the genre that made the series so successful. The original Call of Duty games on PC knocked off the then leaders of war games Medal of Honor off the top spot. Call of Duty then pursued a futuristic direction, but if Battlefield 1 is anything to go by, the market has changed. So here is the multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty WWII that features all manner of weaponry, vehicles and of course, some bloody trench shovel warfare (it was bows a couple years ago, now is the age of the shovel). Call of Duty WWII is set to release November 3rd. Follow me on Twitter @MJSaiger

Call Of Duty: WWII – Teaser Announcement

Call Of Duty: WWII – Teaser Announcement
Activision have finally listened to their fan base and moved the next iteration of CoD away from the Titanfall rip off genre and back to boots on the ground. The outcry for a back to basics Call of Duty game ha been long overdue, the last being 2008’s CoD: World at War featuring the voice talents of the brilliant Keifer Sutherland. Though it is easy to wonder if the king of FPS games is maybe too late at stepping backwards? Last years Infinite Warfare was met with the lowest sales and easily the quickest price drops of any CoD to date. Will this new/old direction for the series be enough to get people back into the fast paced action that the franchise is known for?There are too many questions to be asked and we just have to wait for answers, but we do not have to wait ...


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