Catastronauts Review

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Catastronauts Review

To address the question on everybody’s lips – Catastronauts has nothing to do with cats… It does however have lots to do with crazy hectic space fun!

You play the part of a crew member in the intergalactic Starfleet who are locked in an endless space battle with invading enemy ships. Trying to destroy them as quickly as possible is your main objective, but you will have to do much more than just loading cannons and firing off rounds! Each level will require co-ordination, co-operation, speed and patience from the crew to win.

Catastronauts is a space party game with local co-op for 1-4 players and is definitely best enjoyed with friends or family – it will quickly have you all shouting and screaming at each other for the fire extinguisher or to help with opening or closing important doors!
You can also play solo if you wish, the game will give you control of two crew members that you will have to switch between to progress through the levels. The game also scales back the difficulty a bit, adjusting for the fact that you can only control one character at a time. Playing solo isn’t quite as fun as with friends, but the game’s charm and engaging levels with endless puzzles and tasks will keep you well entertained.

Loosely based on characters from sci-fi shows like Star trek, the lil’ legged crew all have their own cute quirks and styles. You only have a few to choose from at first but you unlock more as you play through the game.

The levels are grouped 1-4 in separate areas. You can play them in or out or order, and once all four are completed a 5th becomes available. Once the fifth level is completed the next area will unlock. All unlocked levels are re-playable at any time from the hub so you can easily go back and try to beat a previous score any time you wish. The areas themselves are all unique in their design, some with funny characters in the background, others with more of a moody atmosphere.

As previously stated you will need great amounts of co-ordination and co-operation between you and your crew mates to move on through the game, as each level is loaded with challenges and tasks that need to be dealt with simultaneously on your ship. Be it fires to put out, repairs to make or mines to dump there is always a job or 5 that need doing.
The hard part is prioritising all of these between yourselves. During the early stages of the first area this isn’t too hard, as able crew mates are able to frantically pick up for any slack from each other. This becomes really tricky however when some of you are separated and compartmentalised on later levels! And even more so when you have to send items back and forth to each other, or press buttons at the same time to activate weapons or shields.

Each level adds a new game mechanic to learn or solve, as well as dangers such as solar flares. The only way to make it is to work together, so when you see your crew mates running round screaming that they’re on fire don’t stand and laugh, grab an extinguisher and put them out….then laugh! Then repair that gun, then put out another fire, then load a cannon, then press a button, then……..

Between the frantic fun and the unique challenges of each level this game never seems to get boring or repetitive. For a small indie title that only costs £12.79 this really is a well-finished party game with plenty of fun to be had for all. The only let down in my opinion is lack of online co-op play. I understand not having online matchmaking, you really wouldn’t want to be shouting at strangers, but I think being able to have your mates jump in from anywhere would give more opportunities to have fun and enjoy this title.

Catastronauts is developed by Inertia game studios and is available to buy now from the Xbox Live store for the low price of £12.79.

A review copy for Xbox One was provided for the purposes of this review (Thank You!).

You can view the achievements here

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The Good

  • Fun and quirky Sci-fi inspired crew
  • Great party game
  • Can be also enjoyed playing solo

The Bad

  • Nothing to do with cats
  • Only local multiplayer, no online co-op

Written by: Martin Bullock

I'm a bearded guy in his 30's who still loves to game as much as I did when I was a kid. In fact I'm pretty much still a kid! Love to play driving sims, shooters, puzzle, strategy and survival games the most. Also cant resist a really good RPG here and there.

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