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This week I have been playing the adventure and action metroidvania-esque title that is Omega Strike, developed by Woblyware and published by Digerati. Playing Omega Strike brought me back to the good old 16-bit days, where games like Gunstar Heroes and Super Metroid reigned supreme. Anyone remember Mick & Mack Global Gladiators? Those games were very much the fondest gaming memories I had when I was younger, many hours spent gaming away at those either solo or at a friend’s sleepover. It’s that good old Sega Mega Drive nostalgic feel that I received from playing Omega Strike and what a joy it was to play for the most part.

The story goes that the evil Dr. Omega has amassed an army of engineered soldiers now turned into hideous mutants to rule the world, and the only ones to stop him are the trio that make up Omega Force. Each commando is made available at a press of the swap button and has his own unique abilities and type of firepower which helps the player take on the various area locations with further unlock able upgrades allowing further access to some locked out areas later on in the game. Sarge wields a machine gun with superior range compared to the others and also acquires the ability to roll and grab rails. Bear is the bigger slugger of the group who wields a grenade launcher that certainly helps to get to some of the more out of the way enemies as well as having an unlock able bomb ability to take out obstacles to lower areas. And lastly we have Dex who wields a shotgun and actually ends up the best of the group acquiring the abilities of a double jump and a fast dash move that allows him to shoot past obstacles.

Omega Strike is a pixel art styled game and I loved the animated look of the all the characters in the game. It’s almost a homage to the games I mentioned earlier and it’s a visual style of a time of games from an era long gone by. Again it’s very reminiscent of a Treasure title like Gunstar Heroes and it’s the little touches like the movement of the characters, the flexing of their muscles, shiny bullet casings leaving a trail as you go along and colorful red bloody goop as you pop enemies on your way. Watching their heads pop off and shooting them to bits as they come down is somewhat satisfying and also reminds you of games like Metal Slug. And coins! Shiny shiny coins! Collecting coins allows you to purchase the already mentioned upgrades as well as food items and a handy teleporter that returns you back to the starting hub from anywhere in the level maps which had I thought of it sooner, might of saved a lot of backtracking…


The presentation is there, the story is short, sweet and simple but with games like these when is it not and it really doesn’t have to be anymore than simply beat the big bad boss from taking over the world. It’s got a catchy soundtrack to it and the levels are well designed. Completing the game fully acquiring all collectables took just over seven hours but I did end up playing the majority of the game as Dex thanks to his double jump. Even his fully upgraded shotgun surpassed both Sarges and Bears weapons and I think this is where one of the game’s shortfalls lies by really not involving the use of the other squad members enough. There are several bosses but none of them posed too much of a threat and were not too difficult to defeat once you learned their patterns. Even if your health starts to run low, health is never too far with enemies seemingly dropping health more often than not when running low and you can also store plenty of food items as long as you have the coins.

Ultimately Omega Strike is fun to play but a short campaign. The difficulty is tough at times but never too much and it never feels like it’s chore to play. If you managed to snag it when it had it’s pre-order discount offer on Xbox Live for under £6 then you got yourself a deal but even at it’s full value price it’s worth the coinage and your time.

I’ll have more please!

Omega Strike is available to buy for £9.59 on the Microsoft Store here.

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The Good

  • Cool pixel art style
  • Catchy soundtrack
  • Good distinct level design
  • I actually love Metroidvania games
  • Enjoyable to play
  • Coins!

The Bad

  • Short campaign
  • Not enough reason to character swap

Written by: Steph Dumont

IT Support Tech by day, achievement hunter pro wannabe gamer by night and XBLG newbie. Voted 'The One' at Extinction that one time with Xbox UK (well, it sounds cool anyway). Also love burgers, milkshakes, road trips, watching mostly everything TV, 4K movies, my cat Sammy (he's actually waaay cooler than me and I think he knows it), everything techy, MS and my XBOX!

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