Call of Cthulhu – Review

Call of Cthulhu is not your typical horror experience. This title does not fill you with constant death,  undead or some crazy science experiment lurking in the shadows. Call of Cthulhu rather goes in the direction of questioning your own sanity whilst dealing with the occult. From the start Call

Revenant Dogma Review

I personally really enjoyed Revenant Dogma, much more than I thought I would initially. Graphically it is a let-down, however once you can get past that, the gameplay was enjoyable and very moreish. Bringing the age old saying of don’t judge a book by its cover.

Grip: Combat Racing Review

If you are looking for a nostalgia trip in a current gen title, then Grip is the game for you. The developers of Grip describe it as an intense futuristic combat racing game, inspired by the Rollcage series of the past (PC and Playstation).

Speed Brawl Review

What do you get if you cross games such as Streets of Rage or Battle Toads and mix them with Sonic the Hedgehog?  No, not some weird hedgehog hybrid running around beating up gangsters. You get Speed Brawl! Speed Brawl, from developer Double Stallion describes itself as an 2D Action

Catastronauts Review

Catastronauts is a space party game with local co-op for 1-4 players and is definitely best enjoyed with friends or family – it will quickly have you all shouting and screaming at each other for the fire extinguisher or to help with opening or closing important doors!


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