Dead Rising 4

The Dead Rising franchise first appeared to Xbox players as an exclusive title back in 2006, the franchise has then spawned many sequels and even warranted a re-mastered edition last on current gen consoles. The objective of every Dead Rising game is to survive a Zombie outbreak and usually follow some kind

Evolve Review   Evolve is a game that was built up with so much hype and anticipation; as a listener to several podcasts, I heard so much praise and momentum being built up towards this game. When I finally got my hands on the game and seen for myself what it

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders review

Perhaps buoyed by the somewhat surprising cult success of Frogware’s recent Sherlock Holmes games – particularly 2015’s Crimes and Punishments – Microids’ Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders aims to draw in a similar audience by focusing on another literary super sleuth, namely Christie’s Belgian mastermind, Inspector Hercule Poirot. Based on the

Dying Light Review

So I have to admit before starting to play this game, it was not even on my radar. This was simply due to a previous title from Techland which was “Dead Island”, now other people will be in the same frame of mind as me when you hear it is

Cubot: The Complexity of Simplicity Review

The Complexity of Simplicity. That’s the tagline that is displayed as soon as you launch Cubot. After completing every single one of Cubot’s eighty levels, it becomes clear that this phrase inspired both its design and its gameplay. The notion of simplicity is represented through its minimalistic visual presentation and

Lovely Planet Review

Nowadays first-person shooters vie to have the most realistic graphics, extensive weapons and perks lists, convoluted conspiracy narratives, over-the-top set pieces and profound levelling systems whilst Lovely Planet revels in its simplicity. In Lovely Planet the layers of superficiality that encumber most contemporary shooters are pared back whilst skill and dexterity take centre


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