Halo Master Chief Collection Review

If you are reading this then you have more than likely heard of the Halo franchise. Back in 2001 when the original Xbox was launched the world was first introduced to Halo: Combat Evolved which put you into the role of Master Chief. Halo was a massive powerhouse title for

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition – XBLG Review

 No Comments Divinity: Original Sin originally (hah) released on the PC back in the summer of 2014, but this year it was released for consoles in the brand spanking new Enhanced Edition. This version adds many new features to the game such as an extended storyline, dynamic split-screen for couch

Project Spark Review

  This was a rather hard “game” to review, mainly though because this is not technically a game. Project Spark is more like a construction set, a construction set that is used to create computer games. The game is a Microsoft exclusive title, though it is made by Microsoft Game

Alien Isolation Review: Scare Tactics

What is it about survival horror that draws us near? For many, the idea of being the hunted offers a different take from the conventional power fantasy that gaming seems to offer us. Still, the games we play that frighten us offer a way out. While often lacking the physical

Alien: Isolation – Review

The hopes for a decent game (decent at the very least) were sat upon the shoulders of Creative Assembly from all fans of the series after the less-than-desirable stint of games based on the series in the recent past, though these games will remain nameless at this time. I recall

Divekick – Xbox One Review

I have been playing fighting games from a very young age: Street Fighter 2 for the SNES is where it started back in 1991. Some of my favourite games have been from the Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat/Tekken series. So I am utterly lost for words when it comes to Divekick. This


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