The Golf Club – Xbox One Review

With the Ryder Cup in full swing (no pun intended) it would be safe to assume that golf enthusiasts around the world will be gearing up in every way possible to celebrate this major sporting event. Tiger Woods’ bank balance must be fairly fruitful during a time like this with

Madden 15 Xbox One Review

Upon starting Madden 15 for the first time it made me realise how far along sports games have come in recent years. You are gifted to one of the most graphically phenomenal cut scenes I have seen in a game, where you see players getting ready for a play. Madden

Destiny Review

When it was announced that Halo Reach would be the last game in the franchise for developer Bungie, the attention shifted to what their next game would be. When the time came, Bungie announced they were working on Destiny, a shared-world shooter. Despite a 2013 presentation at E3, the specifics

Octodad: Dadliest Catch Review

A review of developer Young Horse’s absurd puzzle adventure game featuring everyone’s favourite cephalopod father and husband Octodad: Dadliest Catch is a family-friendly light-hearted puzzle adventure game from developer Young Horses that tells the story of a loving father, who also happens to be an octopus, and his struggles to

Sacred 3 – Xbox 360

Fans of this series will have to forgive me with this review.  This is my first experience of the Sacred series and if the general concensus is anything to go by it’s likely to be not only my last, but also the series last too. It seems to have been

Tour de France 2014 Review

I have never played a Tour de France title yet nor do I have the slightest notion or understanding as to the ins and outs of competitive cycling. So when le Tour de France landed on my door mat I had two thoughts running through my head, it was either


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