Dark Souls 2 Review

Dark Souls was a bit of a cult phenomenon, credited for it’s difficulty and fantastic enemy and world design. It came after the Playstation exclusive Demon’s Souls, which was also critically acclaimed. The sequel was finally released on the 14th of March, and instead of informing players to “prepare to

Lego The Movie Video Game – Written Review

The Lego Franchise of video games are known for being fantastic games, for young and old, and some have been part of people’s favourite licences, such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Though it’s been a while since purely Lego video games were commonplace, with the

Decay: The Mare – Episode 2 Review

After my less-than-great escapades in Decay: The Mare Episode 1 I was not apprehensive about giving Episode 2 a whirl but I was certainly not overly-excited to play it. I thought that disappointment or, at least, a mediocre psychological horror outing was what I could expect. Shining Gate Software, however, seemed

Thief Review

I have a confession to make: I never played Dishonored. As much as I enjoy Bethesda titles, the end of 2012 for me marked more Skyrim, not the tale of Corvo Attano. That said, I never played the original Thief and the most I played of Thief: Deadly Shadows was

Titanfall – Review

Saturated, diluted, tapped-dry, these are terms that have become tied to the first-person shooter genre in recent years thanks to the sky-rocketing popularity of huge franchises. These franchises are comprised of tired sequels released after much encouragement by publishers knowing full well that they will sell superbly but flood the

Review: Lego Jurassic World

James get to grips with the latest entry in to the Lego universe, Jurassic World. Does it live up the they hype brought by the hugely successful film. As I sat down to write this review, I was convinced I knew exactly what I wanted to say, but the truth


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