Portal 2

Throwback preamble Really happy to be uploading this review, it’s a long one! but I just could not help myself. Portal is a complicated game that demands attention. I really hope this review encourages people to go back and play a game that does not involve shooting people, Portal 1

Brink ‘Throwback review 2011’

Throwback preamble I am really enjoying reading back through this old work. This review conjures fond memories, as a reviewer playing a game that is ‘okay’ can be very dull, playing a great game is great! playing a bad game sucks BUT writing a review for a bad game is

Bulletstorm ‘Throwback review 2011’

Throwback preamble When I first released this review many people thought I was being overly generous, that is until they actually played the game. It really is a must play game, its not trying to be GOW or Halo it’s being its own thing, unashamedly crazy and fun. Best thing

PainKiller: Hell and Damnation

Everybody loves shooting things. I know it is a blasé generalisation and if this was not a game review you may be getting a little worried already.  The point is that Painkiller: Hell and Damnation is all about shooting, probably, some of the nastiest creatures ever imagined.  Damn. Three lines in and you already

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Ubisoft’s previous rendition, Assassin’s Creed III wasn’t perfect but it was a monumental step in the transition of the series to a seamless open-world model that gamers are now seeing and expecting as the norm. AC IV: Black Flag takes the open-world model and turns it up to the max,

Motorcross Madness Review

The games market these days is absolutely packed with shooters, action games and RPGs where you walk here, shoot there, eviscerate this and decapitate that. Maybe you want to try something different? Something a little more old-school? Or perhaps something that’s just simple fun? Motocross Madness, is a racing game

Fable 3 ‘Throwback review 2010’

Throwback preamble: Looking back at this review I could not help feel like I was kicking a puppy, Lionhead are an amazing company that produce interesting, brave and at times overly ambitious games. Fable 3 was not well received by critics but regardless many people love the game. Now to


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