Call Of Duty: Ghosts Review

In the ultra competitive world of videogames, few franchises have stayed at the top for as long as Call Of Duty. However staying at the top does not necessarily push developers to improve their product, arguably the franchise has changed little since the polished MW2 graced every eligible console across

Dead Rising 3

One of the most anticipated launch titles for the Xbox One, Dead Rising 3 is fantastic, despite all the worries about it moving away from the silliness that had previously made the franchise great. With the addition of Combo Vehicles and the expansion of Combo Weapons, there are some completely

Gioteck EX-05s Multi Platform HD Stereo Headset

Gioteck are pretty well known for their large range of gaming peripherals.  They recently launched a new range of headsets, some of which they were kind enough to send over for review.  I’ll start things off with the EX-05s headset, which is an upgraded version of the EX-05. The packaging

Black Knight Sword Review

It was with great excitement that I sat down to download Black Knight Sword. Goichi Suda, better known as that genius Suda 51, and his team at Grasshopper Manufacture have recently unleashed their latest creation onto the world, Black Knight Sword. I had recently written about the fact that it

Portal 2

Throwback preamble Really happy to be uploading this review, it’s a long one! but I just could not help myself. Portal is a complicated game that demands attention. I really hope this review encourages people to go back and play a game that does not involve shooting people, Portal 1

Brink ‘Throwback review 2011’

Throwback preamble I am really enjoying reading back through this old work. This review conjures fond memories, as a reviewer playing a game that is ‘okay’ can be very dull, playing a great game is great! playing a bad game sucks BUT writing a review for a bad game is

Bulletstorm ‘Throwback review 2011’

Throwback preamble When I first released this review many people thought I was being overly generous, that is until they actually played the game. It really is a must play game, its not trying to be GOW or Halo it’s being its own thing, unashamedly crazy and fun. Best thing


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