Spectrum Review and Interview with 3D Avenue

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Spectrum Review and Interview with 3D Avenue

Spectrum is a minimalist platform game brought to you by the talented (and super friendly!) folks at 3D Avenue. The Venezuelan indie developers have previously brought you the mobile arcade game Nanomites and have now developed something new and exciting: Spectrum! I had the chance to play the game and also chat with 3D Avenue themselves.

At first glance I thought the game was going to be a relaxing, easy-play platformer which I could just switch on and chill out with. Initially, it was (more on this later). The music is very calming, electronic and subtle and suits the game perfectly. I couldn’t help but compliment them on this and find out a bit more about the person behind the work.

“Thank you so much!, the music was composed by Dave Delgado, an old-time friend of Santiago (our Game Designer and one of the co-founders of 3D Avenue). He’s a composer currently based in London where he performs live and is currently working on a fusion project called “ANGLLS’.

You have control over a “small blob of dark energy” and have to work to find the portal at the end of the level. What is pretty exciting about the game is the choice you have over which type of level you wish to begin with. When you first load up the game you can choose between the light world or the dark world each offering 4 chapters full of ethereal landscapes and challenging obstacles. Word of advice: start with the light world. It is a little easier and much better for your anger issues! The first level takes less than 10 seconds (and you get 40G!). Controlling your little blob is easy and you can move through the levels relatively fast once you relax into it and not get too frustrated!!

The idea of the game is to avoid coloured panels and find your way to the end where there is a dark portal to float into. Sounds easy huh? Well, I’m lucky my controller didn’t go through my TV. THIS GAME GETS TOUGH! The dark world is much tougher but the levels are equally as beautiful. Not being able to touch colour seemed very symbolic, creative, maybe even poetic and I wanted to find out more about the inspiration behind the creation (and found out some pretty awesome sources of inspiration).

“We really wanted to leave everything story related open for the player’s interpretation, things like light hurts or that you need to get to safe dark areas it’s all figurative. The ending cutscene for instance is very abstract, the entire game symbolizes being comfortable in darkness.

Regarding the graphical inspiration, we took some ideas from different sources, for example, the first level is inspired by the iconic NYC Subway design by Massimo Vignelli. The octagonal shapes of the fourth level came from the rock formations that can be found in Northern Ireland and so on.
We also included some subtle nods to other awesome games that we grew up playing with. For example the final section of Spectrum’s 2-9 level is inspired by the Quick Man stage of Megaman 2 for the NES, and the “gates” from the 3-9 level pay homage to a (very) retro game called Laser Gates for the Atari 2600. Btw, there is also a little easter egg that is yet to be found.

“We really wanted to leave everything story related open for the player’s interpretation, things like light hurts or that you need to get to safe dark areas it’s all figurative. The ending cutscene for instance is very abstract, the entire game symbolizes being comfortable in darkness.”

3D Avenue have only recently brought Spectrum to consoles, having spent a lot of time as a mobile game. I did feel like it was more of a mobile game than suited for a console however they have also released it for Nintendo Switch. This also offers another Nintendo Switch exclusive mode: Race Mode. An addition which I think would be welcome across all platforms and something 3D Avenue have said they would like to see happen.

“After we finished development on Nanomites we figured out we could take more advantage of Unity3D’s multiplaform capabilities, so we decided that for our next project we wanted to explore multiple platforms, it was also very exciting for us to see the game running on so many platforms.”

This game is well thought out and beautifully created. It has suitable challenge and appropriate for all the family. I am very much looking forward to what is coming next from the lovely folks at 3D Avenue.


  • A mysterious world brought to life with a colourful, minimalist aesthetic
  • Master movement and gravity to dodge obstacles and reach the exit portal
  • Ambient soundtrack to sharpen the senses and stimulate the mind
  • 80 beautifully designed levels spanning 8 different environments
  • 3 bonus objectives on every level to complete for total perfection
  • Perfect your runs to become a legend of the leaderboards

“Some time after the release of Spectrum on Steam, we started to work in porting the game to other platforms, and a part of our team started to conceptualize our next project which is currently in a early stage of the development process. We can’t share too many details at the moment, all we can say is that it’s about a completely new genre for us and that we’re still exploring some ideas gameplay-wise.”

Spectrum is developed by 3D Avenue, published by Digerati and rated PEGI 3.

Special thanks to Jorge at 3D Avenue for his assistance with this post. Please give them a follow on Twitter!

Check out the music of Dave Delgado here: http://www.instagram.com/davedelgado

You can view all of the achievements here.


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The Good

  • Responsive Gameplay
  • Visually Stunning
  • Challenging
  • Music

The Bad

  • No race mode for Xbox One

Written by: Heather

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