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Titanfall 360 Review

It’s been a fair amount of time since a big-hitting, FPS game has appeared on the Xbox360 that  has enthralled me so much that I cannot wait to fire up my machine again.  Not the most subtle of opening sentences, I’m clearly not keeping you guessing on my thoughts of Titanfall(360) here but why bother!?  This game is all of these elements:-

Fun, Intense, Frantic, Impressive, Clever, Powerful, Imagination, Accessibility and it’s also both Care and Fancy Free.


Not since my days on UT’99 back before the turn of the century have I had this much fun double-jumping, wall-sliding or climbing to the highest point with leaps and bounds to pick off players heads at a great distance.  I’m looking at my copies of BlackOps2 and BF4 in the corner as I type and I have a feeling that it’s going to be a long time until I enter the conservative world of running on the ground, fall damage and no huge troop squashing exo-skeletion Titans.  Titanfall is the blast of cold air, in that the face, the FPS world has needed in a long while.


I had my doubts, who didn’t?  When the game was coming out for X1 then a few weeks later for the 360 I wondered what we were going to be given, was I going to open the box and find a note saying “Buy a better machine!” or even worse finding a copy of Warface on the disc?  I had felt the dread creeping in as the days got closer, even as the early scores crept out from the longer established sites and they sang Titanfall’s praises on the 360 I still felt we were going to be given a much poorer cousin.  I’d seen the X1 Titanfall, I knew what it could achieve and thought there is no way in heck Bluepoint could cram all of this into the 360 and get away with it.

By the Gods though…They did it!  They did it!  This game shouldn’t be on the Xbox 360 but the Men and Women at Bluepoint have shown the world that within the 360 a heart still beats so powerful it can achieve such greatness.  There are no excuses thanks to Titanfall 360.

How does this thing look?

I’m sure that the world and his brother has now seen Titanfall in action now and is has more than enough information on the look and feel of this behemoth however but let me tell you that still the landscapes are sprawling, stretch to the clouds and dirt blowing around, the Titans look amazing smashing through the streets we lose none of that.  However, my few negatives raise its ugly head here in the graphics, and I believe this is down more the capabilities of what the designers had to work with and/or bugs to be sorted.  The fog of war (clip plane) is somewhat closer than I’d like on the larger maps and there is an issue with enemy name markers on all maps as they seem drop off quite a lot, it’s only the fact that the enemy has no visible name that gives them away.   The big one however is when more than two Titans come to blows, up close and personal, the screen becomes a mess and it becomes a question of mashing the right buttons in the vein hope in doing some damage.   This being said wading in on a Titan one-on-one is an exhilarating thrill especially when you manage to rip the Pilot from his/her seat!


Does it sound good?

It rumbles my sound bar on my television with sheer perfection.  I don’t play with a headset as I leave that to PC gaming, so I was more than happy to be able to feel the air tear around me as the Titan descended towards the ground, or the ripping of my rifle as I took out to opposing players.  The rest of the world booms in the background as Titans stomp behind you, as you’re in a full on fire fight when you hear a sickening snap of a neck.  It sounds good.

How does it play?

If you’re new to console FPS or you may be well-seasoned you’re not getting away from the tutorial, which I being honest here, this should the way all tutorials are introduced for all games in my humble opinion.  Once this is complete you’re left to get in there with the campaign or online, and I’d recommend online and get the fun started.

One of the things I found most enjoyable was the fact that I was getting kills within my first game; there was no BF4, COD elitism feel to the gameplay.  Sure there are players that are fantastic, but I’m still killing them.  My winning point is how easy it is for other people to pick it up and play, my case in point is my wife and children normally are turned off BF4 and COD due to the afore mentioned elitism experienced however with this they were running around leaping, shooting and grabbing kills.  Dispatching the hyper-realism and injecting fun and imagination has managed to make this far more accessible than any other major FPS could hope to accomplish.

If you have a Xbox 360 and had concerns about buying Titanfall, throw them out of the window as is one hell of an achievement on the Xbox 360 and you NEED to own it now!

Final words

“Titanfall is the blast of cold air, in the face, that the FPS world has needed in a long while.”


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The Good

  • Fast, fluid player movement is a game changer
  • Superb balance of play between pilots and Titans
  • Addictive action and compulsive levelling up
  • You don't need to be a expert to enjoy it

The Bad

  • Campaign storyline stuff is unengaging

Written by: Rod Bell

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