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Trials: Fusion – Xbox 360 Review

The latest entry in the Trials franchise, dubbed Fusion has a futuristic setting, but it’s still the same ol’ motorcycle obstacle course game that you’re all no doubt used to. Building off of Trials Evolution in some interesting ways, Fusion is a fantastic entry into the series and evolves in a lot of interesting way.

For anyone who hasn’t played a Trials game, the idea is that you are a motorcycle rider who uses balance and precision driving to complete courses with as few faults and as quickly as possible. It’s challenging, rage filled and incredibly fun. You have a number of different bikes to unlock, with some new additions such as an ATV, with their own different perks that could fit your style better than others.

As for anyone who has, there are some fundamental additions here that do change the game in some very interesting ways. Not including the ATV, which of course doesn’t act like a normal motorcycle, you have the ability to perform tricks while you’re in the air using the right analogue stick. This is used mainly for specific levels, where you’re scored for performing different tricks, but this doesn’t lock you out from doing it in any other levels after you’ve completed the training. It adds some ability to create some great replays to show off to your friends, and because of these extra levels, adds new depth to the game.


Of course, there’s still the track creator, where more content from the community and developer alike can be created and released at any time. This gives a huge amount of longevity to the game, and allows the creativity of the community to flow. Previously, Trials Evolution players created a lot of interesting and unique things, from game modes to interesting set pieces. While the game currently doesn’t have much in the way of custom content, it’s something that will definitely improve over time, as the community learns the tools and comes up with new ideas to let people play.

Multiplayer on the same console remains the same, with up to four players racing to beat a track first, with the option of including the ability to win by bailing off your bike for some hilarious moments. Though the online component at time of writing was not yet activated, it will be included in a later update to the game.


Overall, as the game is more iterative than a complete revolution, it isn’t breaking any records. Trials Fusion does succeed in being an excellent title, a lot of fun, a lot of content and additions to be added in the future via a season past and community-driven content at the same time. There’s a lot to love here, with a huge difficulty curve as you progress through the game, mixed in with some different game modes to keep things fresh, it’s easy to recommend for anyone wanting something a little different or just want some more Trials action.


The game is a fitting sequel to Evolution, bringing new content to the table besides just being a glorified level pack. It’s fun, frustrating and well worth picking up or at least trying out.

The Good

  • Addictive and absorbing Trials gameplay
  • Layered structure covers newbies and the hardcore
  • Spectacular and enjoyable tracks
  • DIY and DLC for long-term play

The Bad

  • New tricks system doesn’t feel intuitive
  • Not a major advance on Trials Evolution

Written by: Chris

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