Surviving Mars: Space Race Expansion Announced

Galactic Colony management sim; Surviving Mars is getting a new expansion. The new expansion – titled “Space Race” is due to launch on November 15th. With the introduction of rival colonies, we can look forward to a whole new side to colonial management. Other settlements competing for milestones and recruiting key

A New Hero Comes To Overwatch

Blizzcon 2018 announced some new and interesting pieces of interest, so in typical Blizzard fashion a new Overwatch short was premiered. Titled “Reunion” the animated short story features everyone’s favourite rooting-tooting “Its High Noon” shouting Cowboy… McCree. Introduced in the video is also Overwatch’s new playable hero Ashe. Ashe is

Earthfall ‘Invasion’ Update: Now Availible

Online Multiplayer First Person Co-op Shooter; Earthfall has today received a free update! The new update, titled ‘Invasion‘ features a new game mode as well as a wealth of other improvements. The update adds a new progression feature, as well as unlockable character abilities. Also which is more intriguing is

Fallout 76 – What To Expect At Launch

War…War never changes. The next instalment to the Fallout universe will soon be upon us and whilst Fallout 76 is due to launch in a couple of weeks, Bethesda have released some information on what to expect when that date arrives. Once we leave Vault 76 and venture into West

Youtubers Life – Coming Soon

Hello everybody! This is “popular YouTube person” and welcome to… YouTubers Life. The popular mobile game will be coming to Xbox One on 14th November 2018 YouTube and being a “YouTuber” is probably the biggest craze on the planet right now. If your not a small child reviewing toys or

Conan Exiles Free Weekend

Starting from tomorrow (Thursday 18th), Conan Exiles will be free to download and play. Conan Exiles is a survival game that is set in the fictional universe of Conan the Barbarian. At the start of the game we are able to create a custom character to explore the world with.

The One We Found – Now Available To Preorder

FPS Survival Horror – The One We Found is now available to pre-order via the the Microsoft Store, priced at £16.74! Set in a mysterious Asylum, The One We Found centres around Psychotherapist James Ledgewick. A mysterious cave system that runs below the Whisperwood Mental Institute has been unearthed. With it


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