First Impressions – Overwatch Beta

NOTE: These impressions come from the Overwatch Beta’s Stress Test Weekend of the 20th to the 23rd of November on PC, using settings mostly set on low to keep a solid 60 frames per second. This was played with Mouse and Keyboard. Please keep these things in mind, as this

Overwatch Origins Edition coming to Xbox One

Well, here’s a shocker for you. During Blizzcon’s Opening Ceremony it was indeed confirmed that Overwatch was coming to the Xbox One, and is now available to pre-purchse. The game is expected to release in the Spring of 2016, and is definitely looking incredibly interesting if any of the gameplay

Will Blizzard’s Shooter Overwatch Come to Consoles?

Blizzard Entertainment, the juggernaut behind the WarCraft, StarCraft and Diablo franchises has been known to stick to their three most well-known names. Even their most recent efforts into the free-to-play genre, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone take from their own universes. However, back in the old days when they

Halo Month: The Prometheans, Who Are They?

The Prometheans are a recent threat to Humanity within the lore of Halo. First appearing in Halo 4, this ancient threat is more menacing than the Covenant, with a particular vendetta against them it seems. But who are they? What was their purpose? If you’re new to Halo for Halo

Halo Month: Introducing a Friend to Halo

Just before the release of Halo 5: Guardians, my friend decided he wanted to spend some money on a new game to kill time until Fallout 4 finally drops in November. He asked me if he should get Halo, as he had played it before but didn’t really enjoy it

Halo Month: History of the SPARTAN Program

We all know that Master Chief is a Spartan super-soldier. He’s genetically engineered with cybernetic enhancements to be the best of the best. There is a lot more history to the Spartan Program than you might not have realised. He’s a Spartan-II, so what happened to the Spartan I’s? What


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