Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gameplay and Story Reveal

Star Wars Battlefront had a mixed response with fans upon release. It never quite held a candle to the original Battlefront games. Much like the prequels did for the original trilogy. I myself didn’t think too badly of the re-release. I played Battlefront after EA access gave the game away for free. There was a limited

Need for Speed Payback Gameplay Trailer

Need for Speed games in my experience of always felt a little bit hit or miss. But then something like Need for Speed Payback pops up. The gameplay reflects what is loved by the series, fast cars and gorgeous landscapes. But this instalment looks to have taken inspiration from both Burnout and The Fast and the

Fifa 18 Gameplay and Hunter Returns

Fifa 17 tried something ambitious last year with the release of Fifa: The Journey. But it looks like Fifa 18 will be building upon that story driven take on the narrative. The gameplay trailer revealed EA has been working with motion capture and Christiano Ronaldo to add new ways of performing skill moves against opponents. The trailer

Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar

EA delivered quite a lot this year in terms of sequels, new content and teasers for upcoming games (check out page for more detail). But one of their greatest successes of last year was Battlefield 1. The game took the World War 1 setting and recreated a historical shooter in an amazing

A Way Out Reveal

EA kicks off this years E3 and a surprise for me was to see a new title in production. A Way Out, from the writers of Brother: A Tale of Two Sons are bringing a whole new story and proposal to video game market.  Split-screen, which has only featured on local multiplayer games is a massive part

Shadow of War Story Trailer

It has been a worry of mine where the story direction of Shadow of War would go. We were left with cliffhanger where Talion and Celebrimbor forged a new ring of power and that was it.  However, Monolith and Warner Bros have revealed the story trailer for Shadow of War, and it does not disappoint. This trailer


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