Game release delays: A good or bad thing?

Game Release Delays can be annoying.      We’ve all gone through this at some point in our gaming life, You’re awaiting the release of a new game, A new game that you know you really want!, then BOOM!! delayed. For example Dying Light the first-person, action survival horror game from techland was

EGX Rezzed: Who’s Going?

Rezzed – Aka EGX Rezzed The next event coming up is EGX Rezzed on 28th – 30th March at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre. They will have a number of games playable during the event, A list of a few you can find HERE with more to be added soon. Including Next-Gen consoles

Things YOU can DO on XBLgamerhub

Hey guys.. I just want to take this time to tell you about some of the great things You can do on our amazing XBLgamerhub website. Something for all:  You can write your own reviews Pretty self explanatory really, You can take the things you love and write reviews about

Your ‘Go to’ game?

Let me set the scene for you.. You’ve just spent the last few hours playing Call of Duty, Raged your pants off and are coming to the point where it’s time to relax, Time to relax to something else. Whatever system you use to play your favourite games on, We all

TitanFall: My thoughts..

TitanFall – Pacific rim meets Transformers Last night I was checking my email more than normal, waiting for the email everyone was waiting for, You’ve been selected for the Beta of TitanFall. It was about 2:30am when I put my phone down; feeling defeated I went to sleep, I was

Dead Space 4 ??

The 4th.. I’ve seen this image floating around the internet for the last hour, Could a 4th installment of the popular series, Dead Space, Be in the pipeline? //


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