E3 2017 – Avatars 2.0 Revealed Fox Xbox One

During their Xbox Live daily show at E3, Microsoft revealed that Xbox Avatars will be receiving a dramatic overhaul, in order to be more inclusive of different minority groups, in particular disabled gamers will be represented by avatars. The update also aims at making the avatars look more Graphically up

E3 2017 – The Crew 2 Announced!

I will admit that personally I didn’t expect to hear to much if anything about The Crew. From what I understand it wasn’t by any means a particularly bad game but it just seemed to me that it wasn’t that talked about. Which is why I am surprised that a sequel

E3 2017 – Beyond Good And Evil 2 Trailer

Try starting a conversation about great games that arguably deserve a sequel but seemingly will never get one. Well thankfully one of the more likely candidates to be brought up in that conversation is finally getting a sequel and no, I’m not talking about Half Life 3. Here we are

Dragon Bros Out Today On Xbox One!

If someone gave me the choice between a realistic shooter and a game where you play as gun wielding Dragons I will take the dragons every single time; which is why I am thankful to talk about a game that just got its first console release exclusively on Xbox One.

Star Balls out today on Xbox One!

Star Balls, the Sci-fi story focused puzzle game which was previously released on Steam, is now seeing its first console release today on Xbox One. The game which sees you take the role of one of three robots in their quest to gain their freedom.   In the game players

Tokyo 42 out today on Xbox One and Steam!

Tokyo 42 which calls itself a love child of isometric shooters of the past such as Syndicate (The original, not the somewhat questionable “remake) releases Today on both Steam and Xbox One. You play as an Assassin as you make your way through the beautiful but minimalist styled environments as


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