Win a Unique Bumblebee Xbox!

The official Xbox twitter  are running a competition right now to win an exclusive Xbox One X that’s transformed into the amazing Bumblebee. The new skin is even applied to the controller and the whole set is in a fetching yellow colour. All you have to do to enter the

Metro Exodus ‘Aurora’ Limited Edition Announced

4A games have shown off a trailer for the premium edition of the highly anticipated Metro: Exodus. Featuring the expansion pass, an exclusive steelbook, a unique metal outer case and the ‘World of Metro’ artbook, this premium version of the game will stand out in any collection. For preordering the Aurora

Red Dead Redemption 2 – New Gameplay Trailer

The folks over at Rockstar have just released an all new gameplay trailer for the hotly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2. Featuring an ‘all new living world’, Red Dead Redemption 2 promises more action, story and gameplay than ever before. You take over as Arthur Morgan, an old school bandit in a

E3 2017 – Code Vein

An interesting tidbit during E3, Code Vein is an upcoming hack and slasher by Bandai Namco Studios which seems to combine anime style graphics with the intense combat of Dark Souls. Set sometime after the destruction of humanity as we know it, Code Vein has you create a character known as a Revenant and

E3 2017 – Cuphead

Finally! The highly anticipated Cuphead from developers StudioMDHR has been announced for release on September 29th 2017! The completely hand drawn Side Scrolling Shoot Em’ Up will have you (and a friend in local coop) battle it out in a unique 1930’s inspired cartoon world against a huge variety of ingenious and often

E3 2017 – Black Desert On Xbox One

The popular Korean MMORPG Black Desert by developers Pearl Abyss will be making it’s way onto the Xbox One as a launch exclusive sometime in 2018. Featuring a very dynamic character creation suite, this visually impressive game is promising even better fidelity on the new Xbox One X console. The furious

E3 2017 – Dragonball Fighter Z

With E3 in full swing Microsoft have shown off the all new Dragonball Fighter Z, taking the long running shonen series back to its 2D gaming roots for an all out brawler featuring many of your favourite Z fighters. The ludicrous fast paced nature of the new fighting game reaches


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