Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: Anabasis

A new DLC is coming soon to Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock, titled Anabasis, the new DLC features a survival based game mode as well as a few new weapons.

The new game mode which is titled, Operation: Anabasis, tasks you to command a single fleet which is made up of military and civilian vessels. Your task is to flee and survive whilst leading your people back to Caprica. The Cylons will hunt you relentlessly so tactical play is encouraged.

Each play-through will be randomly generated so each attempt will play out differently to the last. You can also view where each jump will take you. Also each destination will feature their own bonus’s and penalties. The fleet offers customisation, but to survive is to flee!

To aid the Colonials in their survival efforts new weapons have been added to the expansion and the base game. These can be used for both Colonial and Cylon Commanders. These new weapons are:

  • Debris Mine

These mines act as an aerial control weapon. Once fired, they detonate automatically once their destination has been reached.

  • Comet PCM

This is an unguided ballistic missile that is used by the Cylons. This missile features a hacking suite which subverts any missile it encounters in its path and sends them back to the enemy.

  • EMP Generator

This is another Colonial weapon which fires an AoE pulse which damages any Cylon ship in range of the blast.

  • Scrambler

The Scrambler is another type of Mine, however it does not distinguish it’s self from Friend or Foe. Once set up if a friendly unit crosses its range, the unit then has any current lock on removed and then becomes invisible from the enemy radar. However if an enemy is detected then their tech level is downgraded to be susceptible to attack.

Anabasis also comes with eleven new skirmish maps as well as twelve new resource missions for the campaign.

Anabasis will be available to buy via the Xbox Store from October 18th.

Written by: Rob Lake

Bearded wonder of the East Coast. You can also find me at the following:

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