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The Bethesda show opened to a heartfelt tribute to the real people who work behind the scenes to make the games that we know and love from the studio. The focus of the beginning of the show was to highlight those who do not get to show their faces on stage, the “gaming worlds celebrities”, yet these people are the talent behind the titles.

The first game to be mentioned on stage was Rage 2, the leak that announced the game a few weeks back was addressed on stage much to everyone’s amusement. The gameplay trailer was preceded by a live performance by Andrew W.K, who has put his music to the insane games soundtrack.
The gameplay for Rage 2 sits somewhere between Doom and Fallout, but with a big vehicular dolloping from Borderlands. Many people claim this to be the Mad Max game they have been waiting for, yet we had a brilliant Mad Max game a few years back.

Next on the cards was the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Legends getting a console release. This means the progress already achieved from your PC and mobile phone throughways will be carried out to Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when the game drops on consoles later this year.

Staying with The Elder Scrolls, the team behind The Elder Scrolls Online took to stage shortly after to announce the success of the title to date. Along with this they teased at the next updates for the Bethesda Online RPG; a dungeon update titled Wolf Hunter will pit you against Ware-wolves and then later in the year a story DLC titled Murkmire will take players to the Argonian homeland of Black Marsh.

After the ESO video finished we were taken straight into the world of hell on earth, this could only mean one thing … a new Doom game. You would be damn right in thinking that was this was the teaser for Doom: Eternal, which brings double the amount of enemies to hell on earth literally.

To keep the momentum running with the classic Bethesda FPS vibes, we have the team from Quake Champions up next to announce that you can get into the Quake Champions Alpha right now. Accessing the Alphas now will let players remain in the testing phases to come up until the games release.
They were keeping a few of the secrets for Quake a secret and they will be revealed at Quake-Con later on this year, so we shall be keeping an eye out for this e-sports predecessor.

Arkane Studios were next on stage to announce future content plans for Prey, as the games release was pretty successful last year. An update went live straight after the show and is free to all existing copies of the game, so no need to fork out to expand your gaming sessions with this sci-fi/horror-thriller. This update adds New Game + and survival mode to the game for those who thrive for a challenge.
Prey DLC was also announced, the content is going to be titled Mooncrash. The focus of this DLC will mean that enemy locations, weapon locations and level layouts change every time you start over. This has been designed to keep players on their toes while also giving you endless ways to play the game over and over again.

A surprise title was announced next, which is the continuation of the recent Wolfentein games, this new instalment is titled Wolfenstein Youngblood. Prepare to take control of BJ Blazkowicz twin daughters, not only that they will be facing off against the Nazi scum in the setting of 1980’s Paris.
The game will be a solo or coop campaign depending if you want to play to player, or if you chose to run solo. The announcement of cooperative campaign had the audience cheering and whooping.

Next the living legend Todd Howard came out on stage, and as much as I enjoy hearing from this guy he dragged on a bit. Maybe it was being up at 3:30am and just wanting to get the information and go to bed, I just felt like his section of the show could have been halfed and we still would have got the same information.
Todd is a humble man though, he read the comments on the internet like the rest of us and knows how to make fun of himself.

Though in all seriousness the next game on show was the most anticipated. The time had come to chat about Fallout 76, and below you can find the video where Todd himself talk about what the game is about and why they chose to create a Fallout game this way.

The trailer itself is something interesting, the passage of time allows the world to change enough to be come alien and hostile. The land is the same, but different and players must survive. It is not about simply returning to your vault or finding a water purifier, instead you are tasked are venturing back into the homeland and claiming it back all over again.

Though nearing the end of the conference, we heard Todd Howard talk about what the next big game from himself might be, ad we were treated to a teaser trailer for a totally brand new idea that the company have been wanting to make for a long time now. A sci-fi adventure set possibly in space with their signature RPG style thrown in for good measure.

Then not only were we treated to that sneak peak, we were teased to the point of submission when announcement of the Elder Scrolls VI was announced to be the next game after Starfield. All we can take solice is that ESO is not the end of the main story run of Elder Scrolls, though I can expect we will be waiting at least 4/5 years for Elder Scrolls VI.

That was the run down of the entire Bethesda conference, we hope you enjoyed this brief recap without pauses for fan admiration and constant clapping. If you do want to watch the whole show for yourself then simply follow the link to the Bethesda E3 2018 Press Conference.

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Written by: Calum Petrie

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