Black Desert available now, and with new launch versions released

Pearl Abyss have been working hard for quite some time now on bringing their popular open-world MMORPG to Xbox, but it is now finally available for purchase on the Microsoft Store. Robin Jung, CEO at Pearl Abyss had kind words for the community yesterday regarding the games’ development:

“Launching Black Desert on Xbox One has been a long development journey and we’re so thankful for the support of the Xbox community along the way”

“Through the community’s feedback and continued interest in Black Desert over the course of the past two years and multiple betas, we’re happy to be able to launch the game today and look forward to adding additional content in the near future”

Built from the ground up for Xbox One Black Desert enables players to enjoy a beautiful, open world with full 4K Ultra HDR support to take full advantage of the stunning visuals whilst engaging in skill-based combat with your fully customisable character.

Enjoy some of the stunning locations in Black Desert in up to 4K Ultra HDR

There are four editions available at launch, with some offering items that are different than those attained via pre-orders. If you took part in any of the Black Desert Betas you will be rewarded with an exclusive title, and for those who reached lvl 30 in the final Beta will receive their very own Calpheon Chubby Dog pet.

UK pricing is: £7.99, £23.99, £39.99 and £78.49

Player level is capped at 55 to start with and there are many life skills to master along the way. Pearl Abyss plan to support the game for a long time, and to re-enforce this claim they have created the Black Desert Partners Program. This will give their support to content creators to produce new and exciting content for the community.

For more information about Black Desert and the Black Desert Partners Program, visit their official website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Live action launch trailer:

Gameplay launch trailer:


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Written by: Martin Bullock

I'm a bearded guy in his 30's who still loves to game as much as I did when I was a kid. In fact I'm pretty much still a kid! Love to play driving sims, shooters, puzzle, strategy and survival games the most. Also cant resist a really good RPG here and there.

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