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Halo Month: Birth of the Covenant

The mighty Covenant Empire was not always a deadly alliance between many alien races fighting against humanity. The term ‘Covenant’ was coined by the original two races to join in a pact: the Sangheili (the Elites) and the San ‘Shyuum (the Prophets). In the years before the Covenant, the Prophets travelled through space looking for

Halo Month: Introducing a Friend to Halo

Just before the release of Halo 5: Guardians, my friend decided he wanted to spend some money on a new game to kill time until Fallout 4 finally drops in November. He asked me if he should get Halo, as he had played it before but didn’t really enjoy it

Halo Month: The Worlds Tallest Spartan

When planning Halo Month, we wanted to do something really special for the video content. Luckily we know John, AKA “The World’s Tallest Spartan” and have for a number of years. We approached him with the idea of being the live action star of our promotional videos and he was

Halo Month: Giveaway Time!

Halo 5: Guardians is but 24 hours away, and it feels like Halo Christmas here at XBLG with Halo Month all around us.  To win yourself a coveted XBLG Hoodie, as modeled here by myself and Calum, just leave a comment below telling us: What’s your favourite Halo weapon? We will


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