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Halo Month: Community Involvement

Hello Hubsters! Halo Month is in full swing, and from the very beginning we wanted Halo Month to be all about the community and you guys, sharing your love of all things Halo. So in preparation, we approached a load of Halo cosplayers and site runners to tell us the story of how they

Halo 5 content coming to Minecraft

From this Friday, Minecraft players on Xbox platforms will be able to Hunt The Truth, as new Halo 5: Guardians content arrives as a free add-on to those who have previously purchased the Minecraft: Halo Edition mash-up pack. The new Halo 5-related content will allow you to play as Master Chief,

Why, Hello there community!

                            So, with Halo Month kicking off here at XBLG, I thought this might be a great time to introduce myself! I’ve been community manager here for a little while now and wanted to reach out and

Halo Month: The MJOLNIR Armour – Spartan-II Era

ONI classified article under [DATA EXPUNGED]: MJOLNIR POWERED ASSAULT ARMOUR   Data Entry [1]: Generation 1 Armour (Models Mark 1-3)   When work began on the controversial Spartan-II program it was decided that a completely new weapons platform would be needed to further refine the super soldiers they were creating.

Halo 5 : Forge Mode, the biggest yet!

Forge mode first release back in 2007 with Halo 3. Unfortunately Forge will not be arriving at the same time as Halo 5 : Guardians but it will be released this year!  343 Industries have revealed that Halo 5 : Guardians will have the biggest Forge mode yet! Ok we all get it as games progress they aim

Halo Month: Halo – Puzzle Evolved?

Article written by Andy Manson Ask your average player of video games what their favourite first-person puzzle games are, and you’ll generally get the same small set of answers. Some will cite Antichamber. Others will say Q.U.B.E or The Talos Principle. More than likely though, most will probably answer (understandably


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