Trials Fusion Release Date Confirmed

Prepare to be driven to insanity once again by the evil Finnish masterminds over at RedLynx. Publishers Ubisoft have announced that Trials Fusion will be released on 16-17 April 2014, so not long now until we’re dying of frustration again trying to beat a friend’s high score. All in the

Peter Molyneux’s Post-Mortem of Fable 3

With Fable Anniversary released earlier this month, questions re-emerged over the franchise, specifically what happened with Fable 3. Fable 1 and Fable 2 were by all means fantastic titles that will fondly be remembered, Fable 3…not so much. While a decent game in it’s own right, Fable 3 lacked the

Bandfuse Rock Legends DLC Vid

As previously mentioned last week the 2nd Bandfuse DLC is released today. Just to tease you a bit I am pleased to be able to show you a short video montage of what you could be playing. Jemi Hendrix adds 2 more songs to the impressive catalogue including the incredible

Call of Duty Elite Ceases to be

As was highlighted by Activision back in October 2013, Call of Duty Elite will be shut down this Friday the 28th February 2014. In its place comes the Call of Duty App, which is meant to consist of all the best bits of Elite and brings with it new elements

LEGO: The Hobbit – Release date announced

Hold on to your ring of power and prepare yourself for a trek to Erebor, the release date for LEGO: The Hobbit has finally been unveiled. LEGO: The Hobbit will be coming out on Xbox 360 on April 11th. If this brick-infested outing turns out to be as fun as

Battlefield 4 Update for Xbox One

Today sees yet another update rolled for Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One. This update pretty much mirrors the one from a week ago for the Xbox 360 apart from maybe one or two issues. It is good to see that DICE are still toiling away in a valiant attempt


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This happened when I was playing Cold Fear on the original Xbox. Nearly 💩 myself!