Side Missions and Activities in Thief

As much as we are all in anticipation for the new Thief Reboot, to be released on 25 February in North America, 27 February in Australia and 28 February in Europe. I always wondered what other activities you could do in Thief, apart from stealing from the rich and giving…….

Titanfall TV Advert Packs a Punch.

With the release of Titanfall basically just around the corner, Respawn Entertainment have released the commercial for it. It is amazing at what they have managed top pack into thirty seconds and if this does not get you even more excited for what is most definitely going to be in

Ultimate Xbox 360 Game Sale – Day 3

Day 3 of The Ultimate Xbox 360 Game Sale is upon us with yet more mouth-watering discounts just itching to assist with the emptying of bank accounts. Now there is no denying that the majority of these titles on offer are on the most slightly elderly there may be something

Strike Suit Zero coming to Next-Gen

Strike Suit Zero developers Born Ready Games have announced on their Official Website today that the popular space combat title will be ported over to Next-Gen consoles.   The Next-Gen version will be named Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut, it is referred to by Born Ready as the ‘definitive’ version

Titanfall Xbox 360 Progress Update

With the closure of the Titanfall beta today and all the recent Titanfall hype, it’s hard to see beyond all the information and gameplay videos we’ve been getting. However, Respawn Entertainment’s Drew McCoy has taken to gaming enthusiast forum NeoGAF to update gamers on the progress made towards the Xbox


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