Victory Is Ours. Glory Is Mine

Deep Silver today announced that the next instalment of the Sacred franchise, Sacred 3, will release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC this Summer 2014.   The game takes place across the fantasy realms of Ancaria, where the players will need to and together in the hope of vanquishing the

Battlefield 4 Weapon Shortcuts Now Available

DICE have released another perk for Player Appreciation Month. Player’s now have the option to download Weapon Shortcut Kits for free. They bundle numerous different weapons for the game and can be unlocked instantly, instead of taking the time to unlock every single one. These are only available for a

Strider Launch Trailer Released!

Strider first appeared in our homes, in 1989, on systems such as Atari St, Commodore 64 and even the zx Spectrum (amongst others). Then via many other consoles including Sega Master System, Megadrive. The last time, however, Strider graced our gaming lives was when the original arcade version was included

Day 2 of The Ultimate Xbox 360 Game Sale

 Yesterday I wrote about  The Ultimate Xbox 360 Game Sale Which runs up until the 25th February. Well Day 2 is upon us and with it yet another slew of one day deals. These are available for today only so grab them while you can. Assassins Creed Brotherhood -Games on Demand

Ken Levine says Goodbye to Irrational

Sad news today as Ken Levine announced his intentions to wind down Irrational Games, the company behind Big Daddy, Song Bird and Rapture.  The 17 year old company has seen it’s fortunes rise over this time and with big franchises such as Bioshock under its belt perhaps Ken Levine feels

Xbox One bug?

Well, if you didn’t know the Xbox One’s first 2014 update came with a bug for some people, some users reported that it gives them a black screen when they turn it on, luckily though the Xbox Support team were quick to jump on it with a solution (see tweet

Turn 10 Studios releases Free DLC for Forza 5

Turn 10 studios announced that Forza 5 is the fastest selling Forza game EVER, thanks to all of the fans and community members of Forza Motorsport. The game has been embraced by Xbox One fans worldwide, with more than one-third of console owners purchasing the game since its release on


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