Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month

So DICE are trying to make amends for the number of issue`s that Players have had with Battlefield 4 since it was released back in November . Over at The Battlefield Blog pages DICE General Manager Karl Magnus Trodsson goes through what players will get out of their Player Appreciation

Crimes and Punishments: This is Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is back again with a new game called Crimes & Punishments: This is Sherlock Holmes by Frogwares studios and Focus Home Interactive. In this rendition of the most iconic detectives, you see Sherlock in a stunning and faithful representation: his eccentric personality, his manners and, above all, the

Leaks, leaks everywhere.

The last few days have been quite exciting down in Xbox-land. Rumours recently surfaced on the internet and later exploded thanks to self-proclaimed Microsoft insider ‘ntkrnl’ as known on gaming enthusiast forum NeoGAF. XBLG’s Chris touched upon these rumours yesterday in his Rumour-Round Up article but now we have further

New Saints Row Apparel

Insert Coin Clothing, the company who brings us some amazing awe inspiring clothing for the avid gamer introduces yet another piece to add to their collection. Their new Saints Row collections have been inspired by the franchise and have introduced some colourful pieces for everyone to enjoy. Check out some

Come into the light.

Well here is some very good news indeed, IF you live in the US or Canada, Microsoft is currently offering you the chance to ‘ditch’ your PS3 for $100 in-store credit towards an Xbox One. This would then, for our lucky brethren across the pond, mean that a new Xbox


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