Hubcast Episode 8

It’s the summer, which means news can be scarce. This week we discuss the character Aiden Pearce as well as the magic that is the achievement system. Your hosts are Devin Pitts-Rogers, Stephen Rice, and Stephen Showalter. http://www.spreaker.com/user/hubcast/hubcast-episode-8 //

Hubcast Episode 7: E3 Wrap-Up

This week, the gang meets to discuss some of our favorite Xbox-centric announcements from E3. We also take time to discuss many of the games Devin played from the exhibition floor. With Devin Pitts-Rogers, Stephen Rice, and Stephen Showalter. http://www.spreaker.com/user/hubcast/hubcast-episode-7-e3-wrap-up //

Hubcast Episode 6

Welcome back to the Hubcast! This week we talk Minecraft’s release date, the second set of hunters in Evolve, and why fictional history seems more appealing in first person shooters than the conflict du jour. With your hosts, Devin Pitts-Rogers, Stephen Rice, Stephen Showalter, and Stephen Hathorn.   http://www.spreaker.com/user/hubcast/hubcast-episode-6 //

Hubcast Episode 5: News for DayZ

It’s tension on the high seas! The gang discusses the newest Xbox news, the Kinect-less Xbox One, and some of the recent games announced over the last week. With your hosts Devin Pitts-Rogers, Stephen Rice, and Stephen Showalter. http://www.spreaker.com/user/hubcast/hubcast-episode-5-news-for-dayz //

Hubcast Episode 4

This week, the transition phase is in full effect. Speaking of effects, we talk about some of the appeal of Destiny’s Mass Effect-like space magic, along with the Return of Shaq Fu. We also discuss Insomniac Games’ reason for making Sunset Overdrive an Xbox One Exclusive. With Devin Pitts-Rogers, Stephen

Hubcast Episode 3

After a break for housing and health related reasons, we’re back again! This week we talk Minecraft news, Titanfall updates and DLC, Evolve, and Dragon Age’s “bunch of game clips rendered for in-game use” trailer. Don’t forget to follow @XBLGamerhub on twitter for our 10k giveaway. We’ve got prizes for

Hubcast Episode 2: With a Vengeance

Welcome back! In Episode 2, we discuss Phil Spencer, Halo 2 Anniversary (allegedly), the Xbox-centric Build Conference announcements, and why open-world games are entertaining, but not necessarily the future.   http://www.spreaker.com/user/hubcast/hubcast-episode-2-with-a-vengeance //


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