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How To get about, a beginners guide.

How To get around the Community Once you log in, click on the Community Tab. This will bring you to a page which looks similar to Facebook called The Hub.  Once there, you will see the Recent Activities section, here you can Share your status, Photos, Videos and Create Events

XBL Gamerhub Re-Launch Press Release

Glasgow, U.K. – 28 January 2014. re-launches itself on Friday 31st January 2014 at 1000am GMT. Founded in 2009 by CEO Gavin Divers. XBL Gamerhub has developed itself into being the largest independent Xbox community website in the UK. XBL Gamerhub was a community website designed to allow Xbox

XBLG Change

  This is a screenshot of The Hub in 2009 (that’s 5 years ago!) Hello Hubsters 😀 And welcome to your new home. We literally have put in blood sweat and tears to bring you this magical playground you see before you. Lots of painstaking nights forging what we believe


Welcome to XBLGamerhub! A Publication/Social Network community, take a look around and check out our awesome content. Check out the latest Xbox gaming news, reviews and get involved in our ever growing community.

We are part of the Xbox Community Network and we are proud of what we have created, our goal is to provide you with the ultimate community experience, to provide you with a gaming paradise and one stop shop for all your gaming needs.


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