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There’s a lot of exciting things coming soon here on Xbox Live Gamerhub. 

For those of us who don’t know us, we’re one of the Xbox Communities that are supported by Xbox themselves. We like to organize tournaments, different types of events and encourage our community to communicate and celebrate everything Xbox. 

With the Holiday season fast approaching, a lot of high-profile games are coming out in the coming months. We’re building up the site towards these, and will have multiple different events, such as tournaments, for everyone to enjoy. This month in particular, we’ll be producing content to show the community what there is to be excited about, whether it’s the big releases coming at the end of the year, or just the goings on around the website that you can take part in. 

Starting in November, we’ll be celebrating the release of Halo 5: Guardians at the end of October with Halo Month. We’ll be interviewing big names in the Halo community, host tournaments for our community and even have a grudge match between Xbox Live Gamerhub and Xbox themselves. This will of course be streamed so you can watch the matches live, but will be recorded if you miss it, so don’t worry!

Our previous Halo month was a huge success, and we can’t wait to see what our community thinks of what we have in store.

Although we’ll have a bit of a focus on everything Halo in November, we won’t be ignoring the other big releases (there’s something about a post-apocalyptic American city…and a dog) so if Halo’s not quite your thing, we’ll still have something for you.

Keep your eyes on XBLG for everything coming up before the New Year, and keep an eye out for us online. I know I’ll be practicing in The Master Chief Collection to make sure I’m ready for our big match. 



Written by: Chris

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