Cosplay Spotlight – Riiri-Chan



Photographer: Alex Marsh


Who have you most recently cosplayed?
“My most recent cosplays were Poison Ivy from Batman (DC) and Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7”

What was your reason for cosplaying this character/person?
My reason for cosplaying Poison Ivy was that my best friend wanted to do Harley Quinn and asked me to be Poison Ivy so we could do a villain duo! I cosplayed Tifa Lockhart for the 2nd time as I wanted to upgrade her from when I had last cosplayed her in October 2013. She’s an amazingly badass character and I love her!”

How long have you been cosplaying for?
“I’ve been cosplaying since 2013 so It’s only been 1 year, I’ve only attended 3 conventions so far but I really hope to become a regular cosplayer!”

How/why did you start cosplaying?
“I took an interest in cosplaying after seeing images online of other people doing it, being able to dress up as characters you love or just someone who you think looks awesome, it seemed so much fun! I finally got the confidence to attend a local convention at the start of 2013 and put my cosplay into practice. I was very nervous but it was fun getting to be someone else for a day! in October 2013 I decided to go to London MCM Comic Con and cosplay Tifa Lockhart, it was very scary to begin with but as soon as I was there so many people noticed the character and asked for photos. It was an amazing experience!”

Out of every character you’ve cosplayed, who has been your favourite and why?
“My favourite has character I’ve cosplayed has to be Tifa Lockhart so far! Since I’ve only done 3 characters, I don’t have much to choose from but that will change soon enough!”

Do you go to conventions regularly?
“I’ve only attended 3 conventions so far but I will be attending more in the future. I’m planning on attending Hyper Japan, EuroGamer Expo and London October MCM Comic Con this year. Next year I really hope to go to America and Canada, as well as more conventions in the UK.”

What does cosplay mean to you? Why do you enjoy it?
For me I’d like to see cosplay as my sense of achievement, the feeling you get once you’re finished you costume and when you put it on for the first time is amazing! I enjoy cosplaying because I’ve made so many new friends because of it. At conventions you get to meet people who know you online and it brings a lot of people together! When I went to London MCM Comic Con in May it just felt like I was with a huge mass of friends/family, people are so supportive and it’s just amazing!”

Do you have any plans for the future cosplay-wise?
have so, so many plans for future cosplays! For October MCM Comic Con in London I am planning on doing Nightingale Armour with Daedric Swords from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim & a genderbent/female Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy 7. Skyrim has been a huge part of my life and I adore the nightingale armour so I am so stoked to get started on it!”

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Written by: Gabrielle Wheatley

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