Cuisine Royale Beta Now Available For Xbox Insiders

The Battle Royale gametype is currently gamings hottest property. From heavy hitters such as Fortnight and PUBG to multiplayer stalwarts, Call Of Duty and Battlefield V getting in on the act.  With this it’s safe to say that love it or loath it, Battle Royale in its money making glory is here to stay.

With that a new contender has entered the fray!

Cuisine Royale is a Battle Royale Shooter. The game aims to offer the most realistic weaponry out of the genre. It seems that we will be able to equip kitchen utilities as equipment and armor. If you happen to come across a pair of glasses, equipping these will increase your weapon accuracy, whilst equipping an IV line will speed up health regeneration. It sounds like madness but is actually quite a unique gameplay style.

Cuisine Royale also features 32 player battles set across a vast battlefield. Every player starts in their underwear and has to scavenge as they try to become the last player standing. Loot Boxes that are scattered across the battlefield will be 100% free to open and their contents will be available to view. Also whats said to be inside will also be inside – so no falling foul of RNG anymore.

Whilst no official release date has been announced, Cuisine Royale is available in it’s beta form for Xbox Insiders and can be downloaded from the Insider Hub.


Written by: Rob Lake

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