Do we all have a Pile of Shame?

It has been a while since I actually wrote something that was not a news article or a review; instead I would like to take a little piece of your time to talk about gaming in general. These are just my own thoughts and feelings, if you do not agree then please converse and discuss.

I have recently hit the age of 30; with this I have a full time job, mortgage and home commitments. These are all things that will just have to happen, and I am grateful from them all, each one of these things will be familiar to a large portion of modern gamers around my age.
No longer are the days when my Facebook and WhatsApp messenger are friends wanting to chat and catch up, instead my personal Social Medias are now used more for work than my personal interactions. I want to rectify this, at the end of most days I cram in what time I can with my significant other and relax with some computer games.


My pile of shame has grown to levels I fear may never be conquered, I still have Dragon Age: Inquisition to start, along with this there is Fallout 4, Hellblade, Cuphead, Re-Core and numerous others left to return to and complete. I am a player who enjoys massive single player adventures; I grew up playing Final Fantasy games and Zelda. I enjoy the RPG adventures so very much; it took me 2 years to complete the story campaign in the Witcher 3, though I will admit I dragged that out as I didn’t want it to end.
My problem is that my Xbox ready to install list is starting to look like the majority of peoples Steam libraries. These are massive lists of games which all seemed like reasonable and sound purchases, when really we know that 90% of which will never get completed.

I want to take back some control of my life and make my way through this ever growing list of adventures. I would like to enjoy a game and not worry about time constraints, the Nintendo Switch has been brilliant as I am now choosing to take public transport places instead of driving just so I can have a peaceful half hour gaming.
Though I know now that I will have to start taking holidays from work to have sessions where I can complete as much of a game as possible. No longer are the all night gaming sessions with friends, unless we are doing our annual 24 hour charity stream. Though recently I have decided to take the plunge and buy GTA V on Xbox One, I had avoided it as I already owned it on Xbox 360 and didn’t want to fork out for it again. That and I had already completed the campaign, so in a world where I am trying to hammer through my pile of shame, why would I buy a story game in which I have already completed the main campaign?


Well GTA Online with friends was the real reason; these social gatherings in the virtual world are how many of us now see friends on a semi-regular basis. I have found Sea of Thieves to be another great example of getting together with friends and hanging about while still getting up to shenanigans. Though the multiplayer experiences are doing nothing to help defeat my every increasing list of single player narratives, which is back to my main gripe.
I do not want to sacrifice the social gaming side of things, though I want to make my way through the pile of shame. There is no easy answer and no quick fix, the time comes when tactical decisions mean being social or being a gamer.

I am sure I am not the only person who feels like your gaming time is disappearing when you get older. As all of us here at XBLG come under more stress in our real life’s, we still want to focus on the site and put out content because it is our passion.


What games are on your ever growing piles of shame? Let us know in the comments below.

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Written by: Calum Petrie

I am the Editor-In-Chief for XBLGamerhub and I also write for some other sites. I am a massive fan of gaming and enjoy reviewing comic books and graphic novels.

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