Dying Light – Humanity Trailer


A new trailer from developers Techland has been released on their up and coming parkour/zombie title, Dying Light. The trailer showcases the sense of humanity (or lack there of) that we can come to expect from the anticipated title.

The trailer shows the in-game city, Harran along with its inhabitants both infected and not infected. The trailer is a stirring attempt at compelling you to consider that these zombies had lives, families and friends before their brutal transition into the undead. This is something often overlooked in games where the shuffling horde are the main obstacle to overcome and the attempt to pluck the emotional strings at the heart of those looking forward to the game is certainly commendable.

Needless to say, the trailer sheds a very grim, foreboding light on what we can expect from the game. Will Techland attempt to have us feel for the numberless husks we’ll likely be chopping and running our way through? Could this tie into gameplay and apply a sense of morality and, quite possibly, consequence? It’s difficult to say at this time but with a release on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One sometime this year, we’re very eager to find out more. What are you looking forward to about Dying Light? Got any thoughts or ideas from the Humanity trailer? Share your thoughts in the comments below. As always, stick with XBLG for the latest news on up and coming titles for Xbox.


Written by: Kenny

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