E3 2017 – Shadow of War Xbox Briefing Video ‘Bruz’


The Xbox Briefing showcased more footage of Middle Earth Shadow of War (YASSS). The footage showed us more of the combat as well as more features of how the Nemesis system works. It also showed off the incredible work gone into scripting and voice acting the denizens of Mordor you meet and dominate. 

But I think we can all agree, Talion was not the star of the briefing. Bruz the Oleg stole the show. Don’t believe me? Watch the briefing below.

The video showcases more of sieges in Shadow of War, but also how deployment works. Very much on tailoring your units to fit to the role they take on the battlefield. 

Shadow of War is still my most looked forward to title this year. Despite its release being pushed back. I would rather wait for a further polished product. Monolith and Warner Bros are bringing Middle Earth to like through this series. 

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Written by: Michael Saiger

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