EA to 2K: Bring it on


It’s on like Donkey Kong! On the back of speculation that 2K Sports are about to re-enter the NFL arena, EA Sports Creative Director Rex Dickson has called out 2K in a bold and brash interview that pretty much encapsulates the bro dude philosophy of sports gaming.

Dickson commented when asked about speculation on 2K:

“I’m really glad you asked that question. You know, we’ve got a lot of former football players on the team. Competition is a big deal for us. We like to compete. We like to be challenged. So I’ll say it right now. I would love for 2K to make a football game. Go ahead and make a football game. Come at me bro! Let’s see what you got. Invest that money, buy that license. Let’s go head to head. You vs Madden, let’s get it on. I don’t care when and I don’t care where. Let’s have it out. 2K vs Madden, c’mon 2K! Make a game! Bring it!”



Graphically impressive but EA has been catching criticism over poor gameplay across all their sports franchises. 

Shots fired for sure. In a move that pretty much confirmed EA’s NFL licensing to be non-exclusive which is contrary to what was previously believed. I don’t think that Mr Dickson’s remarks are founded with any sort of legitimacy either unfortunately. Certainly the remarks were not something that should be made by a high-ranking member of EA and come across as disrespectful.

As we have seen in the NBA2K14 vs NBA Live 14 debate, 2K Sports won hands down in every single department and it is highly arguable that even 2K’s last NFL title in 2005 trumped last year’s Madden 25. 2K simply knows how to make a sports game, their main issue has always been obtaining licenses and marketing their product better than EA. I am waiting for that glorious day when 2K obtains licensing for a football title, until then I’m stuck in dealing with a rehashed FIFA and a PES franchise that’s going backwards.



I don’t think LeBron James’ face is exclusive to 2K, very poor from EA which I am all too familiar with on FIFA.

What do you think about EA’s public calling out of 2K? Should the NFL2K franchise come back to prove that they are the undisputed kings of NFL? Check out the NBA debate below.




Written by: Andy - TokenFlakGuy

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