Fable 4 To Be Developed By Playground Games?

Lionhead Studios may be gone, but is there stil l life for a new numerical entry to the Fable series?

If recent speculation is to be believed, then the answer is yes! All you Chicken Chasers may get to return to Albion in the not too distant future.

During E3 this year, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Playground Games as a subsidiary company. Since then the rumour mill has been rife with speculation linking Playground Games with creating Fable 4.

The UK based developer, Playground Games, have not been shy in openly announcing that they are recruiting for a whole host of new positions. More interestingly, they are recruiting for a new AAA open world RPG development team, that will be based in a second office in Leamington Spa.

Thanks to a EuroGamer scoop earlier this year, we know that Fable 4 does exist. Furthermore, an Xbox live API leak suggested a UK developer was creating Fable 4. The leak also stated it was being developed under the code name ‘Wisdom’. The common theme of a UK developer, added with the current recruitment at Playground Games; it does seem to indicate that they will be taking the helm of the Fable series.

If the name Playground Games is not familiar to you, they were behind the Forza Horizon series. So not newbies to the open world setting

What happened to Fable?

The main Fable series proverbially bit the dust after the closure of Lionhead Studios in early 2016. The latest instalment in the series, Fable Legends, was still in the BETA stage at this point. Unfortunately, it was subsequently cancelled with the closure announcement. Former Lionhead developers used a Kickstarter campaign to create Fable Fortune. The game released in February this year seen a move away from the usual game type in favour of a digital card game. The open world RPG Fable games were seemingly lost with the closure of Lionhead.

Fable Fortune is a free to play digital card game

The first two Fable games were critical successes. The first so much so that it was remastered into the Anniversary Edition. It’s was released on the Xbox 360 10 years after the original. Fable 3 had a more mixed response by critics but overall was generally positive.

Unfortunately for Lionhead the last main series game to the franchise, Fable: The Journey was the beginning of the end. The game failed to land positive reviews with the critics leaving very mixed opinions. The Xbox Live Arcade Beat ‘em Up game Fable: Heroes before that, also failed to deliver a positive reception. Whilst Fable Legends looked like they were getting back on track, evidently it wasn’t enough to save the studio.

Would you welcome another Fable title? Excited at the prospect of returning to Albion? Just want to kick some chickens?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Written by: Aaron Taylor

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