Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars

Ubisoft have announced the release date for the upcoming Far Cry 5 DLC, the “Lost on Mars“. Releasing on July 17th, this expansion will take the insane action away from Hope County; and relocate it to the Red Planet. The Mars setting will see players control Nick Rye, who is setting out to help his buddy Hurk overthrow an alien invasion that is heading for Earth.

This DLC appears to be in the same vein as “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon” where players are placed in a story so far away from the main game narrative that you may forget what you are playing. The DLC does not appear to be in any way, shape or form a serious affair. Players will be let loose to have fun with a new array of weapons and new lands to explore.
Make the damn dirty aliens pay for even thinking they could take on the glorious earth, show them what Earthlings are made of, do us proud. When July 17th comes around, make sure you are prepared to give them hell.

Lost on Mars will be available to Far Cry 5: Season Pass holders, and will be available to play on July 17th, so less than a week from the time of publishing this article.

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