Fifa 18 World Cup Mode Finally Revealed

FIFA fans hold onto your controllers, EA Sports has finally revealed the follow up to FIFA 14’s FUT world cup mode with a free update of its own launching 29th May. A small trailer was announced with footage of some of your favourite internationals being featured.

This year EA Sports has already confirmed that all coins on your account can be used in this WC FUT mode, which is great news for any of you budding traders out there. With the likes of Squad builder challenges in the main FUT game, also likely to appear in the world cup mode this could be another great way for gamers to trade in some unwanted players for more packs and players. Giving your team that something special edge towards the silverware that the 32 teams are fighting for over the summer in Russia.

Fifa ultimate team lets you build your dream team on FIFA, with coins earned from playing matches, trading players and completing objectives. Once you earn enough coins you can upgrade players to make stronger teams with better chemistry. Chemistry is how well your players link to each other through playing in the same league or nation in real life, the higher the chemistry of the team the better they play together on the pitch. With enough coins you can have some of your favourite players together smashing in the goals including the like of Messi, Ronaldo, Maradona and Harry Kane.

Written by: Steven Euden

Achievement hunter and a lover of Halo 3. I end up spending far too much time on the Xbox and love every single moment of it.

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