Games With Gold for July 2016


The free games for July have been announced! This month if you have a Xbox Live Gold Subscription you can download these awesome Id@Xbox games straight onto your Xbox One:


The Banner Saga 2 (July 1st-31st)


Travel through the critically acclaimed epic story driven RPG that took the indie gaming world by storm. Carefully manage your resources and develop tight battle tactics as you quest to ensure the survival of your Viking clans.


Tumblestone (July 16th-August 15th)


Inspired by classic puzzle games like Tetris and Puyo Puyo, test your wits in this competitive indie challenge with a story mode, arcade mode and intense local multiplayer action.


The free games for the Xbox 360 this month are:


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 (July 1st-15th)


Las Vegas is under attack by terrorists and it is up to your unique avatar in the game to stop the highly equipped menace. Intense first person action from the popular gaming franchise.


Tron Evolution (July 16th-31st)


Explore the unique neon world of Tron as ‘Anon’, a new program sent to explore the events that will lead up to the Disney film Tron: Legacy.

Remember you can only get these games within the allotted time frames if your have an Xbox Live Gold Subscription
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Written by: Rex Coolman

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