Gear up and Speed up – Team Sonic Racing out now

Sumo digital and Sonic Team have been at it again and have just released Team Sonic Racing, their third kart racing title from the ever-popular Sonic IP. This is not a sequel however, with the gameplay focus this time being on team play rather than All-star moves. You will have to work with your team to share power-ups (Wisps) and speed boosts, and to take out your opponents with team moves. The focus here on co-op gameplay is going to make for an interesting twist on what could otherwise be a familiar kart racer.

The decision not to make this another All-Stars racing title was very much intentional, with the head of Sonic Team – Takashi Iizuka stating in an interview to GamerHubTV in June last year that they wanted:

“to bring to the Sonic fans a pure, Sonic universe racing game”

So expect to see lots of focus on the worlds and characters within the game being based on previous Sonic titles, with plenty of nostalgia to boot.

You will have to work together for victory in Team Sonic Racing

The racing is arcade-style but don’t let that fool you – this is a Sonic game, so it’s fast-paced adrenaline fuelled action all the way through! You can drive the way you like by choosing one of three different character types to match your favourite racing style: Speed, Technique or Power.

With online multiplayer and local co-op available you will never be without someone to team up with for glory. Online play supports up to 12 racers and local co-op up to four-player split screen for plenty of fun with family, friends or randoms. Various game modes are available with the first three being standard for racing titles; Grand Prix, Exhibition and Time-trial. The last game mode is Team Adventure which is a story-based introduction to the game, its basic features and the characters.

It wouldn’t be a Sonic game without some golden rings to collect

Through playing the game and its different modes you will unlock performance and skin customisations for your vehicle, letting you create the ultimate racing machine that looks and drives just how you like.

Whether you are a Sonic fan or not this looks like a great fun title, but for those die-hard fans there is going to be so much more to enjoy here than just the racing and team-work.

Team Sonic Racing is out now on Xbox one, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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Written by: Martin Bullock

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