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Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks analysed!

Oh dear lord, if this is as accurate as the leaks before the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield, then someone at Rockstar is getting very, very fired. I love this sort of leak. It’s got all the fun of a Marvel film, with a decent shock and all the political intrigue of Handforth Parish Council. If this leak is as accurate as some of us here at The Gamerhub think it is, then the people making Grand Theft Auto 6 are going to be even more angry than Councillor Brewerton at Jackie Weaver. I think that’s all the references that I can make without making my editor very angry, but you get my point: If this is as real as some of us here think, and some other gaming sites very clearly do, then this is explosive.

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However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t explain to you something very important to our bread and butter in the journalism industry: If you’re a journalist and you find something like this starting to appear, then you contact the development studio and look for other sources. One Primary source or 3 secondary sources that don’t contradict each other is a good standard to hold to.

This is why, as I go through the main points of the leak, I’d like you bear this in mind. We here at the hub report to you on the news with as much accuracy as possible. As I give you the background in less than 100 words from this point, I cannot at the time of writing confirm to you that any of this is confirmed. I have contacted Rockstar, and got nothing in response yet. This might and probably will change, depending on how close to the truth these revelations are.

The Background

As I was sat with my third Kaf-Pow and continued trying to complete Need For Speed Heat two nights ago, the system I have set up on my phone for gaming news went haywire with people directing me to an “ask me anything” segment on 4chan. The person who was on the receiving end of the AMA claimed to be working for Rockstar Games, and more specifically, on the development of Grand Theft Auto VI. By the time people from around the world had clicked onto the potentially very juicy gossip, 4Chan took the thread down. This is suspicious to a degree, as 4Chan really don’t take much down. When surfing 4Chan for information, bear in mind that Rule 34 exists, and 4Chan is one of the places where this rule applies the most.

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Abandon hope all ye who enter here…

However, one ridiculously awesome redditor became the best friend of gaming journalists everywhere, by collating all the details for us all, so we can look through this properly. I can confirm that they’re not lying, as I personally spent half of last night reading through the AMA personally.

CLAIM 1- This game will come out around October 2023

This claim is probably going to be the easiest to disprove later on this year, but Rockstar have stayed silent about the game’s existence, or whether they’re even developing it. Although, I’m not going to lie to you here, this claim is also one of the more sensible ones in the list. Assuming that Rockstar have been developing this game for the last few years, then this claim isn’t far beyond the realms of impossibility. I’m not going to advise that you believe this yet, but I’m not going to trash it either.

CLAIM 2- The story of the game is told through chapters

This is a claim where I’m far more inclined to believe in than not. Rockstar Games have form for this, as this was used to great effect during Red Dead Redemption 2. As a writer who has contributed to several books in the past, I am a huge fan of this story-telling perspective. The advantage of structuring the plot this way is that you can build up complex narratives and leave plenty of space for cameos. Speaking of which…

CLAIM 3- The story’s narrative will take place over the course of decades, beginning in the 1970s.

This one seems like a stretch, but there is a precedent for this, as GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories are set in the past, and manage to get narrative exponents right. There’s not much that’s anachronistic in the games, and they’re great fun to play. I know personally that this can work, but Rockstar are going to struggle to not go overboard with this. As far as the “is this bullshit” question is concerned, I don’t think this is, but please take this one with a herculean pinch of salt.

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Well, there already is 70s cop cars (although that’s a mod)

CLAIM 4- The combat and damage systems are improved, and the body alteration is improved.

This one seems fairly legit, as we could expect for the combat and damage systems to improve with every instalment, but looking closer at the source (the AMA I mentioned earlier), there’s a bit more to unpack. The AMA itself has two pieces of information:

  • Direct contact with explosions can blow off limbs, you can leave deep cuts on people with a machete and close combat shooting can result in bone fragmentation
  • Body form alteration can happen, as it did with San Andreas, but not as dramatic. NPCs will comment on your clothing.
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CJ looks like he loves Burger King more than crime here!

Let’s break that down and analyse it. Rockstar are no stranger to controversy when it comes to injurious detail in their video games. From the hugely controversial “torture” mission in GTA 5, to the point where they made a videogame so gruesome that it was banned outright in the UK. They’re not averse to putting in this level of detail. As for the body alteration thing, well, they did it in GTA San Andreas and to be fair, I’ve been wanting this feature to return ever since.

CLAIM 5- Red Dead Redemption and GTA San Andreas to be remastered?

To be fair, I can see why these would be great, and they’d certainly sell an absolute fuckton, but this is where the AMA starts losing credibility. I have read through countless supposed leaks of games coming out, and seen this sort of rumour coming through. Rockstar are keeping schtum, and thus, I’d advise you to treat this as simply a rumour. It’s not true as of the time of writing, but it could be in the future.

Claim 6- The main character

The AMA states that the main character is a white Italian-American, 6’1” tall with a sun-drenched tan, and at the end of the game, he will be 34. He’s got a codename (“Ricardo”).

Is this likely? Yes. Rockstar are fond of hitting that sweet mafia-style story, and even more fond of giving us near-mute character protagonists. If this one happens to be a cop undercover, don’t colour me surprised. This might conflict with the decades claim, but only if the character we play as in one point is the same as the one at the end of the game, and we know from GTA 5 that Rockstar are capable of making games with multiple protagonists.

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Trevor, Franklin and Michael.


So, that’s the leaks as far as we can talk about at this point! When everything is finally brought to light, I guess we can look back at this whole shebang and either laugh at me or think “holy heck, they got it right!”. I hope you enjoyed this article, and as always, stay safe.

For the Gamerhub, I’ve been Davey.

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