Grip: Combat Racing Now Playing Hospital Records

With Grip: Combat Racing set to release next month, news on the grapevine is that Wired Productions and developer Caged Element Inc. have collaborated with renowned London record label, Hospital Records.
The label is a world famous independent label and home to the best Drum & Bass records that you’ll most likely have heard of, more so within the Forza Horizon series if not anywhere else.

Whilst racing the speedways of Grip, you’ll know be serenaded by a 24-strong line-up of drum & bass tracks to really get you into the groove with Hospital Records to provide eleven of them. They are:

Battery x Makoto “Submerge” – Written, arranged and produced by Craig James, Douglas Ramsay and Makoto Shimizu
Krakota x Urbandawn “Coyote” – Written, arranged and produced by Sebastian Inwood and Felipe Wrechiski
Inja x Pete Cannon “War Games (Instrumental)” – Written by Gareth Hue and Peter Buchanan
Krakota “Citadels” – Written, arranged and produced by Sebastian Inwood
P.Y “Riding The Void” – Written, arranged and produced by Carlos Lima, Spoken word by Tom Kelsey
P.Y “Midnight Blue” – Written, arranged and produced by Carlos Lima
Royalston “Diorama” – Written, arranged and produced by Dylan Martin
Rawtekk “Restless” – Written by Stefan Westphal and Christine Westphal, Arranged and produced by Stefan Westphal and Christine Westphal, Vocals by Christine Westphal
Whiney “Sunday Grunge” – Written, arranged and produced by William Hine
Whiney “Talisman”- Written, arranged and produced by William Hine
Lynx “Clap Track” – Written, arranged and produced by Steve Nobes

“We’re excited to have our producers featured on the awesome new GRIP: Combat Racing game.” – Megan Bean, Head of Business Affairs & Sync, Hospital Records

“We’re super excited to have Hospital Records on board, bringing their industry-leading line-up to GRIP: Combat Racing and joining forces with the rest of our great soundtrack roster,” said Chris Mallinson, Game Director for GRIP: Combat Racing.

“We think players will love pumping the huge tunes we’ve got in the game.” 

The above listed tracks join the existing playlist of “tunage” already featuring in the game:

  • Entita “Can’t Wait”
  • Full Kontakt “Cyborg”
  • Full Kontakt “BlackOut”
  • Full Kontakt “Clock Watch”
  • Full Kontakt “Power Train”
  • Full Kontact “The Creeper”
  • Imperium “Cerbera”
  • Kevin Green Lee “GRIP”
  • Mart-E “Boost Empire”
  • Pragmatic “Going Down”
  • Revaux “Solidify”
  • Silence Groove “Reconnect”
  • Xtigma “Crash City”

A Collector’s Edition features the original soundtrack on Double Vinyl, CD and MP3 Download, and is available from It’s extremely limited with only 500 numbered units being produced and with 300 being made available for general sale.

The exclusive GRIP: Combat Racing Collector’s Edition includes:

  • GRIP: Combat Racing – Generous to a fault
  • Double Vinyl + CD Soundtrack + MP3 Download key – Sound’s amazing
  • 3 x 12″ double-sided art prints – Art attack
  • Game Manual & Lorebook – Spelling it out for you
  • GRIP USB Drive – In the shape of a GRIP car!
  • Pre-order exclusive DLC (Nyvoss Hex Paint Kit, Vortex Rims and Vehicle Decals) – Nice!
  • GRIP Sick Bag – Blow chunks off cars and into this handy puke pouch if you get dizzy
  • Vehicle Decals – Personalise your own ride!
  • Numbered card of authenticity – Because you’re worth it


  • Split-screen competitive play in both ‘Race’ and ‘Arena’ modes
  • 10 Player online multiplayer with full lobby and matchmaking support
  • Full tournament building support allowing racers to combine race modes and arenas to build bespoke playlists and competitions with friends
  • Online leaderboards for ‘Carkour’ and ‘Race’ modes

GRIP: Combat Racing will speed onto the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC via Steam on November 6th, 2018.

It’s gonna be massiiive bruv! *Throws shapes and waits for the drop*

Written by: Steph Dumont

IT Support Tech by day, achievement hunter pro wannabe gamer by night and XBLG newbie. Voted 'The One' at Extinction that one time with Xbox UK (well, it sounds cool anyway). Also love burgers, milkshakes, road trips, watching mostly everything TV, 4K movies, my cat Sammy (he's actually waaay cooler than me and I think he knows it), everything techy, MS and my XBOX!

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